Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Premiere: ” With you I’m born again”

How can anyone forget the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Derek getting shot, Meredith miscarrying, Alex getting shot and Percy and Reed getting killed? The Season Premiere couldn’t forget and neither could we.

The first episode starts one month after the shooting at Seattle Grace and everyone is adjusting. Miranda Bailey went home for a month to get away from the hospital, Derek has adrenaline rushes, drives at 100 mph and ends up in jail, Alex wanting to keep the bullet in his chest, Cristina getting married and Meredith still not cleared for surgery. That’s alot isn’t it.

Our first glimpse of Derek’s recovery is him in jail. My first thought was he turned into Dr. Webber, he became an alcoholic. We later learn that no, he’s not an alcohol, but he is addicted to one thing… adrenaline. He returns back to the Hospital to return to his job as Chief. Ten seconds into the job, he resigns. His real heart in surgery and gives the former chief his job back, Dr. Webber.

Derek’s first job: To attack a brain tumor on a teenager. The way to do it, split the teenagers face in half including jaw, tongue, nose, etc. Meredith tells him “You are driving to fast, Dr. Shepherd, ,the least you could do is wear a seat belt.”

The only way to operate, the audience learns, the surgeons must be “okayed” by a counselor, Andrew Perkins.

The odd first case of clearance: Lexi.

A flashback occurs where all the surgeons are sitting with Perkins during a counselor session. No one is talking well about the event. Alex, Meredith, Cristina and Avery begin to talk about lunch and the taco truck… that is until Lexi interrupts them. She begins to tell them about what type of shooting it was in between her twitching her leg and talking really fast. The editing matched perfectly the actions of Lexi.

She also freaked out the next day in the pit. We learn she is brought to the psych war and is able to sleep off her street. She had been diagnosed with PTSD, but is cleared.  Also Lexi is no longer Alex’s girlfriend?!? Alex’s reasoning: I’ve had too much crazy for a lifetime.

Cristina and Hunt are getting married…. um…okay… a little sudden. Her reasoning: I don’t want to be alone anymore. Okay Cristina, hope it works out for you. Because you know you and Burke worked out great. Best of luck Owen and Cristina. Wedding details later….

Alex and Derek get cleared. Miranda get cleared after explaining to Perkins that the day her son was born and her husband was in an accident the same time was a bad day, but her worst day was the shooting. It was the worst day of her life. Perkins clears her… maybe out of fear.

Miranda also breaks it off with Ben because she can’t handle a relationship right now. “I’m busy  holding myself together with tape and glue. I wish you didn’t play golf because you would be like me, we could be all held together with tape and glue.”

Meredith and Cristina still can’t cleared….

Why can’t Meredith? She can’t come to terms with her miscarriage. She hasn’t told Derek yet. She even begged Cristina, Hunt and April not to say anything.

Why can’t Cristina? She isn’t showing up for her meetings. She gets cleared obviously for the next episode where she is doing surgery, but in this episode she isn’t. She’s too busy pulling out pages from bridal magazines..WHAT? Cristina crazy over marriage? Not over surgery?

As always the team of writers and actors carry out beautiful words. I wish when I spoke it would come out like Shonda Rhimes wrote for me.

Here’s Cristina’s quote:

“God, these women in these magazines…they are not all models, some of them are actually brides, all smiling. It’s like the only thing that matters to them, to pick the shoes for that perfect dress. God, I knew these girls when I went to school. I used to feel sorry for them. They are simple girls. They just find the guy and get married…live. I don’t know… you are either born simple or me… I want to be the girl who gets happy finding the perfect dress. I want to be simple because no one holds a gun to a simple girl.”

The end of the episode concludes with the wedding at Meredith’s house. Derek can’t come and fulfill his best man duties because he’s in jail again. Meredith stops by, not to get him released, just to pick up the ring.  The wedding is beautiful and simple. Cristina doesn’t wear white because she doesn’t want to. She’s just happy to have Hunt.  I may now pronounce, Mr and Mrs. Hunt.

Side notes:

  • Teddy is dating Perkins
  • Arizona is asked to move in with Callie. Arizona thought it was going to be worst, like children or marriage.
  • Lexi tells off Alex for being so hot for keeping the bullet in his chest to counteract his crying out for his wife when he was shot.

That about covers it for the season premiere… next episode Cristina seems to have a relapse of the shooter and collapses on the operating floor.


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