House Season Seven Premiere: “Now what?”

Finally after seven seasons and a very long summer, “House” fans finally have Huddy or House and Cuddy.

Season seven picks up where Season 6 ended with the death of one of House’s patients from the crane collapse. Remember those last seconds where it was House and Cuddy… and you were thinking is he hallucinating and then OMG! He’s not!

Right so the question is asked between the two of them, “so this is it?” A one night stand in a sense. It turns out it’s just the beginning. Let’s hope this bodes will for the rest of the season. Remember now Cuddy is no longer engaged to Lucas, House is still a mess and don’t forget, they both work in the same hospital. That’s covered in the next episode.

This whole episode is about Cuddy and House trying to figure out how to make it work, but also taking a sick day from the hospital. They promise not to answer their phones. House proceeds to tell Cuddy’s assistant to use his brain and figure out the hospitals problems without Cuddy.

The #1 problem for the assistant and eventually House in the end: The head neurosurgeon, Dr. Richardson is throwing up and wants to be sent home. House says why not… Problem is if the head neurosurgeon goes home, the hosptial is no longer the #1 trauma center and there emergency room and ICU patients have to be moved.

Time to call in House’s team…well, really just Chase. House calls Chase after he learns of this neurosurgeon problem. He tells Chase, go be a nerurosurgeon. No one is going to know any differently as long as  Chase doesn’t operate.

The other problem I forgot to mention is 13. 13 has decided she wants to take a leave of absence. She supposedly wants to go to Rome to try in a new trial for Huntington’s. I know I said supposedly, we’ll get to that.

(I think I read about Olivia Wilde’s leave of absence on Ausiello to do some movies I believe. My only problem is, is Cuddy going to be the only woman left on House? First Cameron, now 13 which just leaves Cuddy. I know the preview showed a new woman, but I’m getting  ahead of myself once again)

So back to the recap:  House and Cuddy are still holed up in House’s apartment. There is an instant where Cuddy and House both find the pills he was after in the season finale, but they somehow move past it. They are two kids playing hooky, playing games both bored and physical ones.  That is until Wilson comes by ringing House’s phone and knocking on his door. Wilson is afraid that House has become an addict again thanks to his patient’s death. House proceeds to ignore him in a series of hilarious phone messages where House pretended to be the answering machine.  Cuddy asks why can’t they let him in?  House jokes that Wilson is like a stray, he’ll eat everything and sleep in his bed. The real reason: he wants to keep things private.  We can see this is going to work out well. And it’s only episode one…

13 and Chase meanwhile have to go to the sick neurosurgeon, Dr. Richardson and bring him back to the hospital to have a physical presence. Why? Cuddy’s assistant thought like House told him to and contacted the DPH, telling them the hospital no longer had a neurosurgeon and thus could no longer be a #1 trauma center.

They find Dr. Richardson throwing up. He won’t come back, he feels too sick. 13 suggests taking a very powerful medicine to get rid of the nausea a.k.a her Huntington’s medication (I believe… I can’t remember correctly). While waiting for the medicine to have an affect, Chase and 13 play chess. During the chess game, 13 asks what he thinks about her trip? Isn’t going to stop her? He responds no… but will she have sex with him before he leaves? That totally makes 13 do a double take. Luckily the medicine kicks in before 13 can think about Chase’s request.

As Cuddy and House find ways to pass time, they hear a noise. House goes to investigate and finds out that is Wilson trying to break through his window. House being House, doesn’t let him through immediately and asks if him he wants a cup of tea. Eventually he let’s Wilson in.

Through some very nice shot set ups, looking through the doorframe, House tries to explain to Wilson that he has a woman over. Wilson believes it’s a hooker. House says it’s Cuddy. Wilson now believes he’s hallucinating. House promises to show him shutting “Hunnybuns” as he approaches the bedroom. When they enter, Cuddy is nowhere in sight. Wilson is lead to believe he is hallucinating and leaves. House investigates and finds Cuddy in the closet. She explains she wasn’t ready for anyone to know. Clearly, they both have their own share of problems.

Once again we shift back to the Hospital and the looming DPH agent. Chase, Foreman, 13 and the assistant are doing enough to distract the DPH as they set up a mock surgery in the OR so Dr. Richardson can’t be disturbed a.k.a. can’t be talked to. Too bad, Dr. Richardson comes bursting through the door and begins to strip. He is very stoned off the med, but also from something else. That’s the real reason why Chase wanted to bring him back. Dr. Richardson is House’s team’s new case. DPH doesn’t care and shuts down the hospital. Now House’s teams must really figure out what’s going on so to save the Hospital.

They think heptitatis, peptic ulcer. Finally they ask what has he down in the past couple of months. Dr. Richardson responds he’s been to the Seafood Fest where all types of different food are served. One of those things include toad eggs. Ding, ding! House’s team has found a solution. In a couple hours, a couple minutes in T.V. time, with the right medication, Dr. Richardson is back to normal and is able to reopen the hospital. Hospital saved!

Phew! Almost done… I haven’t recapped in awhile, but genreal these are long. I have to learn to shorten them.

Anyway through a game of Boggle House and Cuddy come to that word: Love.   He doesn’t spell it, she asks why. . He tells her he doesn’t have a “V”. He can only spell “I lobe you.”   He tell her he’s screwed up and she has a kid. It will never work. Cuddy responds: ” I know you are screwed up, you are always screwed up… You are the most incredible man I’ve ever known.”

Cuddy’s a fixer in the relationship, don’t you think?  The words “I love you” are uttered.

One last thing that doesn’t even involve Huddy and it involves 13.  Before 13 leaves, she tells sex with him is a no and gives him a long hugh. Foreman goes to her and explains if she needs anyone, call him. They have reached the stage of friends in their relationship, finally. Taub tells 13 go, he has nothing against her. New twist to the whole 13 thing: In the end, 13 was lying the whole time. There is no Huntington’s trial in Rome. She doesn’t have any plane tickets. She’s disconnected her phone, anyway of contacting her. In away she’s disappeared of the face of the planet.

On to episode 2!


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