My Fall T.V. Schedule that I will most likely never get to watch thanks to Class

TV Schedule Sheet1

Click on the link, it’s a pdf that opens right away. I had a whole chart, but wordpress couldn’t read it right. Doesn’t my schedule look super busy? More busy than my social calendar , haha.  I didn’t really add any new t.v. shows. My school schedule is a little heavy this semester so I’m hoping that I’m still able to watch my shows. That’s what we have Friday, Saturday, early mornings and DVRs for.

Shows I’m planning to recap are the same as last year: Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, House.  I will try to recap the first episodes of the new shows to give my thoughts

New Shows: Lonestar, The Event, Running Wilde and Hawaii Five-O. I will watch the first episodes and give my verdict if it’s worthing continuing to watch

Shows that are no longer on my radar: Gossip Girl (storylines were crazy last year and I realized I didn’t feel like watching it) and The Office ( It was getting tired for me). I will check in on the Office since this is Steve Carrell’s last year.

Shows that I wish I had a subscription to: Dexter and Boardwalk Empire. I’m debating whether to get Showtime just for Dexter but it conflicts with Desperate Housewives so who knows what I will do? Maybe I’ll have to watch it online or wait for the dvds until next year….. or maybe I’ll just get a subscription hmm

What new shows are you keeping and did you get rid of any your shows that you found tired or boring?


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