“Dexter is Delicious” in both book and t.v. show form

It might be evident from this blog that I primarily discuss movies, t.v. shows, celebrities…etc. It is also evident that I have been absent for the past month, but let’s ignore that little fact. Let’s stick with the first fact about what this blog is about. I’m expanding a bit from a nice opportunity that happened last month.

On July 20th, I wrote about a review about immensely enjoying the first season the Showtime hit “Dexter”. I was contacted by the marketing department of Doubleday that works with the author Jeff Lindsay and his Dexter books. Was I interested in reading the fifth installment of the series? How could I say no?

When I got the book I realized I was in a bit of a fix. I had never read the books. I kinda needed to. So off to the local library to read the first four book. I’m glad I did.

I realized that the Showtime hit and the Jeff Lindsay’s hit are only similar by the characters names and that Dexter is still a serial killer. Other than that, they follow completely different story lines.  Good to know I wasn’t spoiled by the books. It was a whole new way to look at Dexter Morgan and his Miami home.


photocredit: amazon.com

Dexter Morgan has a couple things to deal with this time around: the desire to no longer kill, vampires, his sister’s biological time clock and oh yeah, diapers.

Dexter is a new daddy to Lilly Anne and same old daddy/mentor to his little monsters-to-be, Astor and Cody. He is so preoccupied by his new adorable angel of a daughter  that he hasn’t felt like killing in a while. It might have to do with the fact that Deborah has roped him in to another one of her cases involving a missing teenager, Samantha Aldovar and a mysterious wall of blood that does not belong to her.

“Dexter is Delicious” starts off a little slow with Rita making him do his father duties and Deborah moaning about not having a kid, but Lindsay is able to keeps the reader reading on thanks to Dexter’s sarcastic ways.

The book picks up pace as the missing teenager turns into a case wrapped in with politics, vampires and cannibalism. Even  the famous dazzling vampire Edward Cullen and the world of “Twilight” is not off limits to Dexter’s witticisms.


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