Dexter: Is it wrong to love a Serial Killer?

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Summer laziness seems to be taking over my body and mind. It’s been almost a month since my last post.  What have I’ve been doing this summer or should I say watching?

As anyone knows during the summer, your regular shows will not be on until september, so what do you watch? Mindless reality shows cut it for some, but for me I wanted something else. I do watch Psych, White Collar, Royal Pains, Drop Dead Diva and Top Chef, but I needed something else to cover my time of waiting for even those seasons to start.

So what did I  do? I asked friends what t.v. shows should I watch?. Another important question was, do you have it on dvd? I do Netflix but I get one disc at a time. Not that much fun. I just really wanted to watch marathons of the show, not wait and forget what happened.

Obviously you’ve read that I got caught up on “Royal Pains”, so what was next? I was going to do “Mad Men” but I got sidetracked from watching because I only had one disc. Not to worry, my two friends said I should start watching “Dexter” instead.

This is what I knew about “Dexter”.  I knew about it from the Emmys. I knew of Michael C. Hall’s battle with cancer. I knew Johhn Lithgow won an Emmy for  guest starring. I knew Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were married. I knew “Dexter” ‘s theme song was catchy. That was it.

So on a hot summer’s day, my friend and I holed ourselves up in the air-conditioning and began watching “Dexter” and let me tell you, I didn’t know I could love a serial killer that much.

“Dexter” itself is a brilliant show. I had no idea it was based off a book series (Darkly Dreaming Dexter, a series I should start reading). Kudos to whoever decided to write a t.v. script for it.

First off, “Dexter” is about Dexter Morgan who works as a blood analyst for Miami Metro PD. He likes blood a lot and knows how blood patterns are made. Why? He’s a serial killer, but a good serial killer. Is there such a thing? As my sister told me, yes there is. He’s a vigilante. I knew I knew that word.

Now you are probably wondering, why would I want to watch a show about a guy killing people? Here’s why: Michael C. Hall. Especially Michael C. Hall’s voice overs of Dexter’s sarcastic, witty, but also awkward look at the world. He’s pretending all along that he fits in the world, when in actuality he doesn’t fit in at all. Michael’s performance makes you just want to like him and listen to him talk about how messed up society is.

Obviously no ones knows he’s a serial killer. The only relative he has left is his foster sister, Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter. Dexter was adopted by his dead father, Harry who was a cop. Oh wait…. Harry knew Dexter liked to kill. Harry just taught him a code of who deserved to be killed.

“Dexter” is going into it’s fifth season and I’ve only watched the first one. Let me tell you, the first season is what good television is.  It airs on Showtime on Sept 26 at 10.

If you are squeamish or you don’t like serial killing shows, I warn you,  don’t watch. If you enjoy great story lines, gripping characters, do watch.

Reading farther down my review on “Dexter” will included spoilers so do not keep reading if you want to watch.

I discuss below: characters, the story, the music. Proceed with caution.

Here’s why “Dexter” is something different:

1. The characters:

The characters are all humans. They aren’t perfect. They are flawed. Besides the obvious flawed character of Dexter Morgan, you have Dexter’s girlfriend Rita who is damaged from her cocaine using physically abusing husband. You have Deb Morgan who just wants to be the top dog in homicide, but doesn’t really adhere to rules. Also she wants love. Then you have Angel who is going through a seperation/divorce. You also have Lt. Maria Laguerta who doesn’t like Deb, her captain, but gets along with Dexter.  Sergeant Dokes who just hates Dexter, but has his own line of problems is also fun to add to the mix. Finally just throw in Musaka, part of the forensics, also resident perv who has dirty jokes, makes up the department.  Miami Metro is an interesting place to see how everyone handles their lives with all the murders.

Let’s not forget about Harry Morgan who only appears in the flashbacks, shapes Dexter’s life. Also the killers are just messed up as well.

2. The music

This show takes place in Miami so a lot of the music is the spanish music of Miami. It’s a fantastic mix to the quirky composing of Daniel Licht. It’s a beautiful mix of piano which I just love to listen to, but also think of the music stylings of Danny Elfman in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or Thomas Newman’s music in ” A Series of Unfortunate of Events”. Sometimes it’s soo beautiful, but also depressing at the same time. And then suddenly it’s got a little quirky sound to it when Dexter is busy pretending to live his life. It’s like the music is pretending along with him.

The Theme Song by Rolfe Kent can normally be heard during the Emmys. I gotta say that sound drew me in. Its a long opening, but it also captivates because of the extreme close up of Dexter’s morning routine.


3. Last part I want to discuss is probably the most SPOILER part. The Story line of Season 1

So the story was fantastic. It was so developed with the whole Ice truck killer. This killer wasn’t just any killer that liked to slice people up or shoot them. No, the Ice Truck Killer wasn’t just any other killer. He had a personal vendetta against Dexter. I was determined to believe that it was going to be a woman, but it was a man.

The man was Deb’s boyfriend who was Ruddy Cooper, a maker of prosthetic limbs. My only concern was why didn’t the night guard recognize his doctor who fitted him for prosthetic limbs as the serial killer who cut them off?

The thing that threw me most for a loop was that Rudy a.k.a real name, Brian was Dexter’s brother. OMG! It was so brilliant how the writers laid out the whole story. Granted I never read the books, but I’m sure the books would have been hard to put down.

Either way, the whole story line of Dexter finding out about his real family was fantastic with how they did it.

Also I’m interested to watch the second season to find out if Sergeant Doxes finds out who Dexter is and also if Rita figures it out because she thinks Dexter doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Meanwhile Rita’s ex-husband Paul a.k.a Jacob from “Lost” thinks differently. Can I just reiterate that seeing Jacob freaked me? I’m like what are you doing here? Get back on the island with Hurley and Ben!

Brilliant continuation of   the whole story line from episode 1 to 12. It was just well done. They never forgot anything and they gradually builded to the climax. Not like in “Gossip Girl” where it happens too suddenly or in “Glee” where one story line is forgotten. Now “Dexter” brings it’s A-game to keep it’s viewers wrapped up in the mind of Dexter Morgan.

Next up: watching Season 2 and hoping the awesomeness continues.


One thought on “Dexter: Is it wrong to love a Serial Killer?

  1. I see you are a fan of the Showtime hit “Dexter.” The 5th book in the series that inspired the television show will be released on September 7th. Please email me at with your contact information if you are interested in an advance reading copy.

    Adrienne Sparks

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