Weekly Rant: Project Runway

Does anyone miss the good old days where “Project Runway” was on Bravo?  You could sit down and watch “Project Runway” one night and the next night watch “Top Chef”. Two great shows that you didn’t mind being reality.

After “Project Runway” moved to Lifetime, something changed.  My family and I no longer could remember who were the contestants this past season. That might have to do with the contestant’s themeselves, but it also had something to do with the long wait to finally see the season back in New York.

First it was L.A. then it was back to N.Y. Now on July 27th, another season returns, but here’s the twist… it’s still in New York, but now the episodes are 90 minutes long. According to People Magazine and Ap Reports, “Project Runway” will be airing an hour earlier at 9 P.M. to help adjust to the longer runtime.

  Does Lifetime really have nothing else to show besides an hour and a half of models and fashion? Don’t get me wrong, I love Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” and I love “Project Runway” but I’m a bit apprehensive of 90 minutes long episode.

I’m a fan of Heidi and Tim, but I don’t know if I want 90 mins of it. Also, is Lifetime still showing their Models of the Runway show afterward?   If that is the plan, “Project Runway” is turning into Project Runway: the Movie.

I miss the good old days of ” Where’s Andre?”  I wouldn’t mind one or two long episodes, but a whole season of 90 mins might be a little unbearable.

Lifetime: Bring Back the Red Lobster if you know what I’m talking about!


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