Really? No Psych?

This post is not about my awesome trip to Nashville and enjoying the best days of my summer in the heat. No today is a rant about how my favorite show doesn’t get the publicity it deserves….


This past week the newest issue is all about the boys of summer on the USA Network. I’m a fan of all shows on USA and I’m particulary pleased that TV Guide decided to focus on this awesome network. Love Matt Bomer, love Mark Feuerstein, and Jeffery Donovan. My only problem along with my other “pysch-o’s”, is two boys of summer were not included. That’s right I’m talking about James Roday and Dule Hill of “Psych”.

“Psych” is now the longest running show on USA Network and I believe it deserves some recognition for its amazing comedic timing and talent of the writers and the cast. It currently is going into its fifth season on July 14th.  Also simple fact, “Psych” airs during the summer just like most of USA’s shows. Only problem is I haven’t seen any advertisements for “Psych”

I’ve seen some “White Collar” and I’ve seen some “Burn Notice.” Obviously I’ve seen “Royal Pains”, but that’s because their second season just started about two weeks ago.

The TV guide issue is only one of my problems with USA’s forgetting of “Psych”.

Currently the different networks are pushing for emmy considerations and I was pleased to see USA network going all out promoting all their shows, but I don’t know if you noticed, once again, “White Collar” and “Burn Notice” are getting the most attention. I did see one ad for “Psych”, but that was one compared to the many other ads I saw.

I know some people don’t like “Psych”‘s humor or think the cases are too easy to solve, but I can’t understand why “Psych” is being shortchanged.

The message boards for “Psych” are fuming including myself. We want “Psych” to be acknowledged for it’s awesomeness.  I know the cast and crew  are happy with what they are doing in ‘Couve. They aren’t too worried about all the trappings of Hollywood’s media award circles,  but I don’t think they would be upset if an Emmy Nomination came their way.

There  I’m done venting.


One thought on “Really? No Psych?

  1. This is an old post, I see, but I thought I would leave a comment anyway. I’ve left a post on your Psych blog too. Yes, I don’t really understand why this show isn’t more widely recognized. In a way, it’s fun that Psych has a cult-like following and that quoting the show with other fellow Psych-os parallels the characters’ quoting of obscure movies. Is it not as popular because the audience has to be more attentive to notice the often subtle humor? It’s rather Seinfeldian (Psych quote there), so I’m surprised it’s still overlooked.
    Thanks for your fun blogs! Hope to see new updates on Pineapple Chunks too.

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