White Collar Comes Clean at the Paley Center in New York

So tonight I headed to the Paley Center in NYC to attend the “White Collar Comes Clean” Panel. Okay it wasn’t Psych, but I gotta say the cast was very funny and just as kind.  Only bummer of the night: no picture with Bomer and I should’ve have brought my telephoto lens for closer shots.

Before the panel started, everyone was waiting outside and Tim was signing stuff out front. He was being a gentleman and talked and took pictures with everyone. He even came over to a woman in a wheelchair to take a picture. I didn’t get my picture until after the panel and I decided at last minute. Anyway that story’s at the end.

I have to say I will go back to the Paley Center. It’s a beautiful building with a comfortable viewing room. The cast was brought out a little after 7:30 because Matt Bomer was late. Tsk, tsk! (I take this Tsk! back. Matt came late and left early due to filming. What a hard worker!)

Before the panel discussion, the audience and the cast included got to watch an interview/promotion of the show called “White Collar: Nothing but the Truth.”  This interview discussed how “White Collar” came about and about the technical producer who was an actually FBI Agent. After that they showed an inside look to the wardrobe department where Neal gets all rat pack-ified. Love stuff like that!  I was expecting to watch an episode like they did for the Psych panel, but I was pretty entertained by these interviews. After during one of the promos from USA for the show, Matt did a little woohoo! in the audience. Everyone of course laughed.


Now on the panel was:

Matt Bomer: “Neal Caffrey”

Tim DeKay: “Peter Burke”

Willie Garson: “Mozzie”

Marsha Thomason: “Diana”

Sharif Atkin: “Jones”


Jeff King: co-executive producer.

Absent: Jeff Eastin who was probably back in L.A. and the lovely Tiffani Thiessen who is currently waiting to have her baby. Apparently, she is due any day.

The Moderator: Michelle Kung

Now here’s what went down in the panel discussion:

  • Matt Bomer loves the indignant New Yorkers who walk in the shots without caring.
  • The cast didn’t realize how many rich people lived in New York especially when they shoot in mansions/brownstones
  • Love filming in New York except for the Tour Buses. Willie Garson: “And there to your left is the Empire State Building and to your right, the actor who was in Sex and the City”
  • Cast films in New York, writers still in L.A.
  • Writer who wrote the episode, comes to New York for the week to help.
  • Writers from L.A like to fantasize scenes with alleys, problem with that. Not that many alleys in New York.
  • The Second Season will pick up 3 months after what happened in the Finale
  • The Finale was shot during the blizzard in New York. If you look closely you can see the snow starting to fall
  • We will find out more about Diana’s past and her girlfriend.
  • Everyone was drawn to the script because not of the cases, but because of the characters.
  • Willie Garson jokingly said, “You know, characters welcome.”
  • Tim and Matt hug at one point when one of the audience remarks on their relationship
  • Sharif imitates fangirl when seeing Matt
  • Satchmo, the dog will be returning.
  • Discussion about the future of the industry i.e. hulu and ipad and viewership: Doesnt matter what screen they see us on as long as they are watching us
  • Wow, I just realized why Sharif Atkins was so familiar and why they were talking about him going from Network to Cable. He was on “E.R.” I guess I should have known that.
  • Moderator asked about everyone on twitter to which Tim DeKay responded, “Does Jeff Eastin mean everybody?” Then he found out his t.v. screen wife Tiffani Thiessen has a twitter and he doesn’t feel so special about their conversation today if she already told the twitter world about it.
  • An audience member asks a very detailed question about Neal’s watches, Matt apologizes and says Neal doesn’t wear watches.
  • T.V.= writer’s medium
  • Tim DeKay is apparently a good dancer: Marsha Thomason says he does a good single ladies dance
  • Matt Bomer’s goal during the day: to get some obscure song stuck in the crews and cast’s head at the end of the day.
  • Willie Garson when talking about all the jargon: “blah,blah,blah, is there more wine?”
  • Crossovers: Jeff King said absolutely not to which Tim/Willie joked that Neal breaks a limb and there is a doctor in the Hamptons.
  • Matt couldn’t stay for the whole question and answer session, he had to go back to filming. He apologized, fangirls around me were not happy.
  • Actors: We dont’ come looking for a two page monologue. We want to have a great show. We want to make a better show.
  • “White Collar” was specifically made for USA Network
  • 7 day shooting, but scripts can take anywhere from a day to a month.
  • Keep it family friendly on a scale: Willie Garson’s son and class watch. “We’ve got a huge demographic of children under 14.”
  • The show does not operate believing that the audience is not intelligent. Tim and Willie joke around. “I’m the good cop.” To Matt “he’s the bad cop-esque”, To Marsha joking, “And here is the slut.” It was very funny.
  • I gathered not as much improvisation like Psych . The Cast however do give comments to Jeff Eastin which he does consider and work into the script if it fits.
  • 3/6 wore geek chic glasses: Gotta say I approve. Must be because I own a pair.
  • Willie closed the panel nicely  by noting: “The show keeps going thanks to the fans.”

I knew I had their hug!

Well that’s all I gather from my scribbly notes.

Now I met Tim and he was very sweet. He stayed around to make sure everyone got a picture taken. I decided at last minute to get mine and he happily obliged. When the person who took the photograph messed it up, he was nice enough to do another one. Thanks Tim!

An unexpected surprise: I walked out and “White Collars” marketing team handed me cookies. Apparently they are trying to pursue an Emmy consideration. Hmm.. Interesting. I just read an article this morning about that.  I still have yet to try the cookies.

I gotta say USA Network really knows how to pick their shows, but also casts that care about their fans! There’s nothing I love more than being able to thank an actor and they thank you right back for being a fan.


4 thoughts on “White Collar Comes Clean at the Paley Center in New York

  1. Hullo! It’s me–the woman who made the comment/asked the question regarding Diana. Fab write-up, and it was nice to meet you at the panel!

    (<3 Marsha Thomason!)

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