Grey’s Anatomy: “Shiny Happy People” Recap/Review

This episode has been sittting on my tivo for a while, but I finally had a chance to rewatch it and write down some quotes I needed.

Right, so like always Grey’s has medical cases that tend to relate to their characters and what they are going through.

We had the story of two old timers who got reconnected: This story involves Christina, Owen, and Teddy ( I guess Meredith can be included in this)

Then we had Demi Lovator’s schizo story line: Alex’s

A burn patient: Miranda Bailey’s story line.

Actually all the stories are interweaved… let’s see how it goes…

Two Old Time Lovers/ The struggle of Owen loving two ladies/Marc loving Lexi

Betty comes to the E.R. after getting into a fender bender. Henry comes to the E.R. because he passed out. The doctors found out that he has an irregular heart rhythm. The two patients come in contact with one another and realize that they were both each other loves from so long ago.

Henry fell in love with Betty who happened to be the best friend of the woman he was engaged to, Irene. Betty decides not become the maid of honor at the wedding because she couldn’t tell Irene that she was in love with her soon to be husband. Both Henry and Irene ended up marrying other people, but both were still in love with each other.

Henry: I loved Irene, but she wasn’t Betty.

Betty: I thought there would be another Henry, but there never was.

Eventually Henry tries to persuade Betty to live with him at his house to which Betty responds, “I got over you, Henry. I married Mike. I had four kids and grandkids. I’m sorry, but I got over you.”

After Henry goes through one of his episodes  of irregular heart rhythm, Betty changes her mind and decides to lives with him.

Now how does this cute little romantic story tie in with the doctors of Seattle Grace? Well for starters, Owen is wondering if he is still in love with Teddy while he is still in love with Cristina. Owen asks Cristina to move in with her, Meredith isn’t pleased, but she can’t say anything. Meredith knows the whole story due to Derek about Owen trying to send Owen away. Only problem is she can’t tell Cristina because she promised Derek she wouldn’t. Doesn’t mean she can’t give stink eyes to Owen?

The best analogy from Cristina about her triangle of sorts: “I’m thatcher? Owen is Dr. Webber and Teddy is Alice?”

Cristina: “Do you think your mom ever got over the chief?”

Meredith: “My mom loved Richard until the day she died.”

Interesting to see what will happen with Teddy if Cristina and Owen stay together? She will definitely be in the picture still because the actress has been picked up for the full season.

The big scene happens with the love triangle in the stairwell where at fist we are led to believe it is only Owen and Cristina discussing their future. Owen is confused because Teddy is a trigger for him for all his memories of Iraq.

Owen: “I don’t know is working for me right now. I don’t know what I feel for Teddy. I don’t know because she is all wrapped up in everything going on in my life. I do know I have feelings for you.”

Then a beeper goes off… It’s Teddy’s. Can we say awkward much?

I lie saying that it was only this triangle going on… we also have the whole Lexi and Marc thing  still brewing.

They are no longer together, but we know there’s still a pull. Marc is spending his time sleeping around with woman including Teddy and Reed because he’s not exclusive with Teddy. Lexi is with Alex, but she’s trying to figure out what they have with one another.

Callie has a discussion with Marc that the problems that seperated Marc and Lexi are gone so why shouldn’t they get back together. He points out that Lexi now has Alex.

Callie: “You still love Lexi…. Betty got over Henry and married Mike” I paraphrased, but really my point was that both are still in love, but are trying to move on.  I of course loved Marc’s expression, asking who is Henry and Betty? He asks what about she and Arizona because they have broken up? Callie defends herself and says she still has reasons.

Over the seasons, I’m starting to love Marc’s and Callie’s friendship over Meredith’s and Cristina’s. I just love them.

Schizo Demi Lovato/ Alex

A girl who suffers from Schizopherina, Hailey (Demi Lovato) comes to the hospital to get committed because for starters, she tried to claw her eyes out. Alex saves her from stabbing herself in the chest with a needle. He wants to run a few tests to try to figure out what’s the matter with her. The parents eventually agree even though they explain she’s been through so many tests.

After running an MRI with Derek and Arizona, the two of them find nothing wrong and believe she is crazy. Alex disagrees with them.
Alex: “I know crazy.  I grew up with crazy, I dated crazy. This girl isn’t crazy. Aren’t we supposed to be the advocate for our patient? Her parents went through stuff, but she went through a lot worse.”

Eventually Derek grants him 4 hours to figure out what’s wrong with her. Alex ropes in his newly christened girl friend who has the photographic memory to try to figure out what’s wrong with Hailey.

Lexi tells him: pg 162, June 2004 and an issue with a mint/green cover. She can’t remember what the title is and Alex remarks, “It’s like the computer froze.”

Meredith questions why Alex likes Lexi.

Alex: “I am acting like a duck. I figure if start to walk like a duck, quack like a duck, you start to act like a duck, and Lexi is nice and normal and healthy so I’m acting all nice and normal and healthy.”

Meredith:  “You’re becoming a duck.”

Now Lexi is in a gossipy mood and remarks to Meredith that Mark slept with Reed? Meredith is like why do you care?

Deep dow, we know she does care as does Mark.

In the end when Alex solves the case which involves Hailey having a hole in her hear which aggravates and enhances all sounds inside and outside of her body, Mark steps forward.

M:”Lex… I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, and Sloan’s gone, no baby and I don’t want to sleep around. I want another chance. I’m in love with you.”

Lexi: ” I have a boyfriend.”

M: “I’m saying you could have a husband.”

Woah! Well Lexi pushes it to the back of her mind when Alex comes out to celebrate his win that Hailey wasn’t crazy.

Side note: I thought Demi Lovato did a great job at playing crazy. Such a drastic change from her role on her disney channel show.

Last Patient case to discuss: Burn Victim Amber/ Bailey

Miranda Bailey has finally decided to open herself and allow herself to fall for another man, Ben, the anesthesiologist a.k.a guy from “Eli Stone.”

The next morning after spending a night with Ben, she’s in a extremely good mood. She’s even humming in the elevator. After she gets off, Derek and Mark still on the elevator witness Ben get on and starts to hum the same song.

Derek: “Go Bailey.”

Mark: “Indeed.”

Now Amber, the burn victim from a car accident, is supposed to get a hair transplant, but she can’t because she has an infection in her fingers. Her frined form the burn unit, Trish, tells her to stay positive.

Previously, Miranda has run into Ben who happens to be flirting with a nurse. Dr. Bailey is not happy.  She tells Amber that is is okay to cry when she learns that she will lose three of her fingers.

Bailey: “You can cry, Amber, its fine.  It’s alot to take in at once.”

Trish: “No. She needs to stay postivie, that’s how we get through things.”

Bailey: “No. She was excited, hopeful and eager, and that has been crushed. She has the right to some feelings. She can be positive tomorrow. Amber, you can be positive tomorrow.”

After Mark witnesses Miranda’s unhappiness when she asks why men aren’t happy with just one woman. He believe he can do the hair restoration because he believes that “we are all in need of a little magic today.”

Miranda runs into Ben and explains in Miranda fashion that she doesn’t have time for these games because she has a child, she is going through a messy divorce, etc.. Ben acknoweldges this and they start to begin to work on their relationship and what they have.

In the end of the episode, Cristina decides to not move in with Owen. Meredith pulls out blue prints for The house in the wood which I was sure the writers forgot about and points out that one of the rooms is for Cristina. What are friends for?


Meredith: “At my parties we drink beer and dance on tables.”

Derek: “Are you insulting my party?”

M: “It is getting pretty lame out there.”

D: “Duty calls.”

Now of course as this review is extremely late, I don’t have to wait a week to discuss the adrenaline pumping finale. Coming up shortly, review for the shooter in the hospital episode.


One thought on “Grey’s Anatomy: “Shiny Happy People” Recap/Review

  1. Thank you for posting this, I don´t know why but GA is so in tune with my life, every step that MG went through I was and I am.

    I loved the scene when Miranda tell the patience that it is ok to cry.


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