Iron Man 2: Comic Books + RDJ= Fantastic!


So I finally got around to seeing the sequel to “Iron Man” and let’s just say I was perfectly fine with spending ten dollars at the movies. Here’s why:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. Duh. Awesome and cocky and fantastic as Tony Stark, just as he was in the first one. Only dissappointed when RDJ wasn’t on screen.
  2. Action Sequences: I don’t know the last time I went to go see an action packed movie, but clearly this movie was a good remedy whether it was the car or the epic battle at the end.
  3. Technology: If the techonology that Favreau desgined for this film existed in this world, he would be more popular then Apple. How much fun does it look when Tony Stark can just pick up, flip, flick and dissect his diagrams with just the movement of his fingers.
  4. Plot line: I kinda digged the whole palladium unable to support Tony anymore. I  loved the whole keep checking his blood toxicity through the film. It helped keep the tone that he was running out of time.
  5. Can we say two villains?:  I knew Mickey Rourke was going to be the villian Ivan Rourke, but I kinda think Sam Rockwell a.k.a Justin Hammer was a worse kinda of villan. Actually…. I don’t know, get back to me in Iron Man 3 which I know is definitely going to happen.
  • At first I was annoyed that Terrence Howard wasn’t coming back, but I think Don Cheadle did very well as the replacement of Rhodey
  • Scarlett Johansson: Not my favorite actress, but she was pretty awesome with infiltrating the Hammer Facility. Can’t believe she trained in preproduction to be Black Widow and had only about two-three minutes in the final cut? I guess talk about dedication.
  • Even before I went on IMDB, I realized the connection of Stark Expo to Epcot. I was laughing to myself in the theater when I saw the video with Henry Stark and the demonstration because it reminded me of Walt Disney and his idea for Epcot.
  • Flushing, New York: I just had a conversation about the World Fair area the other day with my dad. Funny that it was such a big part of this movie.
  • Loved Mickey Rourke and his need to have the bird.
  • One of my favorite parts: Tony going to apologize to Pepper by bringing Strawberries. Pepper is allergic to them and Tony was like I knew there was some connection to them, I just didn’t know if it was a good or bad connection.

2 thoughts on “Iron Man 2: Comic Books + RDJ= Fantastic!

  1. I just pooped over from your Psych blog, and I wanted to say how much I love the Iron Man movies. RDJ replaced Johnny Depp as my favorite actor shortly after I saw the first one. btw, I like you blog, very interesting!

    • First, thanks for commenting! Second, RDJ is just amazing. I love Johnny, but recently RDJ has been getting more press so I’ve been seeing more of his face around. I read the best article from Rolling Stones about him and how he was compared to Jay Gatsby. I thought it was a brilliant way to describe him. Thirdly, thanks for checking out not one but both of my blogs! You’re awesome!

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