Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Finale: “On the Road Again” Review/Recap

And then there was one less character on “Brothers & Sisters”….

“On the Road Again”, the Season 4 Finale of “Brothers & Sisters” consisted of all the drama we expected and knew about before going in.

Thanks to the internet and the very public leaving of Rob Lowe, we knew his death was coming.  At one point, I questioned when, though because I didn’t ever think the car crash was going to happen in the preview that alluded to it. I thought he was just going to have a heart attack again and that was going to be the end.

The last six minutes consisted of the car crash. So what about the other 36 minutes?

  • We had Sarah being depressed and being a bum because she was unemployed.
  • We had Scotty and Saul putting together their food tasting menu to test on the rest of the Walkers before opening the restaurant.
  • We had Kitty going on the campaign bus tour. Robert couldn’t go because something came up so Nora, her very democratic mother and Sarah, her dorm sister who looks like her cat just died as Kitty says, tag along with her.
  • We had Rebecca and Justin still fighting about what they were going to do. Rebecca is taking the job at Maddox Foods, but what about Justin? Is he still going Haiti?

Those were the minor things going on this episode. The three main conflicts the finale focused on where Saul, Robert and the conclusion of Narrow Lake.

First off, the conclusion of Narrow Lake had a happy ending. Sarah is joint owners of the property with Holly and Nora. Nora decided to use her own money to keep on drilling. Sarah is annoyed and think it’s a waste. Guess who’s wrong? Sarah. It turns out that Narrow Lake is actually home to an aquifier. This scene consisted of Holly, Sarah, Norah and Saul celebrating under the falling water. Such a good scene especially since with the new upbeat Sara Bareilles music!

Now onto the more dramatic issue of this episode:

Saul is getting a bigger story line now that in this season or last season, he came out as gay. Now most people were annoyed that his storyline went in this direction because it wasn’t really original, but I liked it. Now you’re asking what is Jennifer talking about?

Saul had a discussion with Scotty and Kevin while making the food about being tested for HIV. Kevin and Scotty do it every year and consider it spring cleaning. Saul whoever has never taking the test. Of course in this episodes, Saul takes the test. He is concerned because his friend has AIDs and he wonders if he could be asymptomatic for the past twenty years. The doctor/Nurse/someone at the clinc/whoever says it’s possible.

Now of course Saul probably should have taken the test after the testing menu day because he was all cranky waiting for the results. You know who was also cranky… Robert.

Robert in this episode is dealing with his whole secretive job which I believe has been explained throughly in this finale. A good thing too since this is Robert’s last episode. His job has been the liason between the senate and Stanton. His job is to get the conversations where Stanton flat out tells Robert in confidence that he’s using the defense bills as a way to become richer. Turns out Robert does have these conversations. He’s just waiting to drop the bomb. Only problem is Stanton will take it out on Kitty’s campaign.

Robert puts the tape in the safety deposit box and gives Justin the key until he decides what to do.  Also, Robert’s having symptom from his heart condition and is taking medication. Justin does some investigating and finds out the medication is for ventricular attack-a-cardia. Kudos for the make department of  “Brothers & Sisters” for making Rob Lowe look sickly and close to death.

The food testing night is a mess because everyone was stressed. Robert is stressed because of doing things behind Kitty’s back and not feeling well. Kitty is stressed because someone is posting information about how much her wig cost from “Citizen for a Corrupt Free America.” Robert believes that Stanton has already started out on Kitty. Justin is stressed because he has this key in his pocket and he’s still fighting with Rebecca. Sarah is angry at her mom because she decided to do more drilling. Lastly Saul is stressed because he’s waiting for his results and poor Scotty just wants everyone to try out his food. Don’t worry Robert gets the center of attention when he starts to get dizzy and they have to call an ambulance. I totally thought a car accident was going to happen on the way there.

No turns out its later.

I’m still not really sure how the car accident happened. Did Rob Lowe hit the truck or did the truck hit them?

Everyone was involved in this massive car accident except for Rebbeca and Justin who left the Ojai summer house last.

Kevin, Scotty, Sarah,Nora and Kitty are fine. Saul is fine car wise, but when Kevin runs over to try to help him, Saul tells him to stay away and that he can’t help him. Before the car accident, Saul told Nora he didn’t have AIDs, but I knew he was lying. You could see it on his face, but still seeing realization hit Kevin’s face was horrible.

Now the two people left are Robert and Holly. Justin goes to Kitty and Robert’s car to see that Robert’s head is all bloody from a beam hitting him, I think. He goes to help, but gets called away by Rebecca who finds her mom hurt. Robert tells Justin to go and he’ll wait for the ambulance.

We are left in the last minute with Justin trying to save Holly is who is responding, but barely and Robert in his last minutes of living.

Season 5 will take place 12 months later. What will become of Narrow Lake? How will Saul be doing? Will Kitty still be running? She and Robert agreed a couple seconds before the crash occurred that they were going to release the tapes. Will Holly be okay? Will Justin be in Haiti? Will Scotty and Kevin have a boy or a girl? How will Scotty’s resturant do?

So many questions and now we have to wait until the fall.

Quotes from the Finale:

-Saul: Never knew my nephew was such a grump in the morning

Kevin: Never knew my uncle wore a muu muu

Saul: It’s a nightshirt.

-Kitty: No mom, you’re wrong. It’s either  rich Kitty MCcallister out of touch spending all this money or it’s poor kitty MCcalister cancer surivior, fragile,  how will she withstand a primary let alone a term in the senate? No,  This comes from someone who knows exactly what they are doing, finding out how much precisely how much my wig costs.

-Saul to Kevin and Scotty: “Do you have any idea what you are asking of me? This world the two of you live in where everything is so easy and so much is possible. You have a surrogate carrying you child. You’re married”

K: “Technically we’re not married.”

S: “Excuse me. I’m sorry, domestic partners whatever.When I was  your age I just hoped when iwalked in to a gay bar, that I wouldn ‘t get arrested”

Scotty: “Saul you don’t have to get tested.

Saul: “Too late. I already did. I took the test this morning.”

K: “Well isn’t that a good thing?”

Saul: It’s a great for people like you.  It’s like spring cleaning for you who go ever year. But for me, I never opened that closet closed. Regardless of the world you lie in,  my world was a lot less accepting. People died. Don’t you get it? For me, Bad news for me is p- so why don’t you plate up this food and I’ll get some fresh air?

-Kitty to Robert after his trip to the hospital: I didnt just fall in love with the hero, but the guy who was afriad that when he had his heart attack he wouldn’t be able to pic up his own kid

did you  notice justin didn’t give back the key?

now justin have post trauma that he didn’t save robert?

-Robert’s last words: You were right, when we brought evan home fro the hospital, i was scared that i wouldnt be able to keep up but then i saw you holding him, so strong , so loving, i knew that you would… i knew that you would…” He never finishes his sentence.

Side notes:

  • Justin never gives back the key, I think he still has it. Well we know he’s going to give it to Kitty
  • I wonder if the writers will go in a direction with Justin where he is dealing with not helping Robert and believing it’s his fault that Robert died.
  • :  a real website, links to her character bio on ABC homepage

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