Brothers & Sisters: “Light’s Out” Recap/Review

For once all the Walkers had the same problem in this episode titled “Light’s Out”: The Closing of Ojai.

The closing of Ojai mirrored what is happening in  today’s society.  Businesses are closing, people getting laid off, etc.

In this episode it is made clear that Ojai is now owned by the bank after all the Walker’s debts. Their goal is still sell the building and everything included. Their saving offer comes from the Mr. Right of the Building Parking Structure company thing. That’s right, he just wants to tear it down and build on it. He wants the land and not the building. Nora of course rejects this offer because the building is her and her family’s history and their whole life.

Sarah is forced to face the reality that her workers who have been with the company forever might not be getting jobs. This terrifies her and she starts making deals with other companies to hire her workers. The prices to pay: she hands over three semi’s to sweeten the deal.

The only problem with bartering the trucks: They aren’t hers any more. They are the banks and as Kevin’s puts it, no matter how nice you were thinking about your workers, it’s still embelzzment.  Kevin asks how she was going to pay for them? Sarah was going to sell her house like Susan is going to do in “Desperate Housewives”.

Tommy says, “You’ve gone so far over the line, you can’t even see it.”

The solution in the end: Pedro, one of their drivers is going to buy the trucks and start his own business. Yeah for small business owners!

Now as anyone knows, when you lose your job, you start looking for another. Holly and Rebecca start to do that, only problem the both go after the same job without knowing it. Holly however is too overqualified and Rebecca is a perfect fit at Maddox Thompson Food Company.

Now the only person who isn’t thrilled about this: Justin. Justin wants to go to Haiti for a year to help those in need while Rebecca could take pictures.

The person who isn’t thrilled about this: Rebecca. She’s happy getting a start to her career.

Now Nora has to find someone to buy the building. She decides to go to her old friend and architect, Roger Grant. Remember him? Well he’s moved on to more modern buildings and women.  He would like to see the building knocked down because it’s a a knockoff of original buildings. It’s not one of his proud accomplishments.

Nora responds: “I don’t give a rats ass about your girlfriend. It’s the disdain you have for your own history that bothers me. You just want to plaster all over the imperfections of your career. As if you can just Botox your whole past away. Look, I don’t love my wrinkles and I’m certainly not fond of my neck , but I’m not ashamed of them. It’s  who I am. It’s a record of the life I have lived. The building is humble and simple and I love it. I’m just so sorry you don’t.”

Later on Nora receives old blueprints from Roger as a gift. A second gift under Roger’s blueprint: blueprints to Narrow Lake.

William was going to build a house for Nora with Nora’s sewing room, Nora’s bathroom etc. The only thing Sarah and Nora can’t figure out is why Dennis York would want this land? Well, isn’t he a creep who likes Nora a little too much? Maybe he wanted to be extra close to her.

Sarah sweetly tells Nora, “It’s not just a house, it’s a love letter to you. He really did love you.” William, not Dennis.

The only side story to this main story is the Politician arc.

  • Kitty is practicing to be a comedian for the Gold Rush Dinner. Turns out the only way Kitty can be funny is by being smart assy. She can’t do that. What does she decide to do? Have her more funny husband give the speech because Sarah’s in trouble with the whole Ojai thing. It’s the perfect excuse for a dinner full of small businesses and family.
  • Robert’s super mysterious job: I still have no idea what is going. All I know is, he’s committee is going to pass this billion dollar contract that I believe included the Somalian Police. On the other side he would be getting $7 million dollars from another guy. He seems to be doing a bit of backstabbing and lying to support whoever he wants to. I’m sorry all the Senators and Politicians start to look alike being all old, white haired and maybe mentioning their names once. I called the Politician Dude in the bathroom: Clint Eastwood because he had the same sort of voice.
  • Kevin asks Robert: “If you were doing something covert, dangerous, unethical, you would tell me, wouldn’t you? Robert responds, No I wouldn’t, but I’m not.” Un-huh Robert, do you want me to tell you what the difference between ethical and unethical?

Now all the Walkers end up in the Ojai building for the last time. As Saul declares, “this is the fist time the family is silent.” They all start drinking the Irish Whiskey brought in honor of William and Scotty starts to sing an old Irish song, “Parting Glass”. That’s right, he starts to sing. Actually I thought he had a pretty good voice.

I made an mp3 of it, but I’m not sure how to put in on so Houston, we have a problem.

Side notes:

  • I thought it was very clever how they decided to edited this episode together with Paige doing her video project. Very clever especially at the point when the editor edited everyone’s silence when trying to think why Ojai was important.
  • Holly + Saul= Platonic Relationship, there’s a lot to be said for good companionship.

Also anyone else thinking the Walkers are going to turn Ojai into the restaurant that Scotty wants to open? He said it would be awesome once renovated.

Oh good part of doing this discussion so late….. the finale is only a day away!


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