Grey’s Anatomy: “How Insensitive” Review/Recap

“Grey’s Anatomy” sure knows how to mix it up with Cristina being kind to kids and Meredith trying to control her face!

“How Insenstive” was all about the Doctors of Seattle Grace being sensitive to their patients, especially since an extra sensitive case was coming in. The extra sensitive case= a morbidly obese man.

If anyone makes a joke in front of the man or behind his back will be kicked off the case. Number of doctors to get kicked off: 4

1. Bye Avery: He’s kicked off as soon as they bring the patient in. He comments that this man is an elephant. Dr. Bailey says bub bye to Avery.

2.  Bye Cristina: She’s kicked off because she says no fat jokes. She points out that she didn’t make one, but Dr Bailey still tells her to take a hike.

3. Bye Percy: He’s kicked off because he asks if the zoo has a big enough CT for him? He was being serious and so was Dr. Bailey when she kicked him off the case.

4 . Bye Lexi: She asks how the wife managed to get pregnant? This was the more funny one when Dr. Bailey mouths “Off the case”

It’s a miracle Lexi decides and the audience agrees that Alex is still on the case. Why is it a miracle? It’s a miracle because he’s making a betting pool of how much the patient, Bob Corso, weighs?

At lunch, a funny conversation ensues with a french fry and burger metaphor for the wife and the patient and how she got pregnant. Only problem was the wife saw this happening. She then tells them, “you must all of a freak show of your own going on. Tell me about it” All of the doctors get silent because they all do have their own freakshows going on. C’mon this show is a drama! The wife then responds,  “It’s probably none of my damn business anyway.”

We find out that Bobby Corso got so fat because he had nothing better to do. He got laid off 5 years ago and stopped trying when he couldn’t get a job. He consumed his feelings with food. The patient actually jokes with the doctors about being fat, but gets serious when he and Alex are alone.

Corso declares he rather die than be around for his kid. “I wanna be gone before my kids knows who I am.” He says he tried every kind of diet and knows there is no help for him. He doesn’t wanna be around his kid because the kid would just remember their father as someone they had to get food for. He doesn’t want the surgery and would rather be sent home to die.

Alex then responds later in the episode: What did he call the guy who was so fat he couldn’t leave the house? What? Dead and selfish cause you left a 700 Lb mess for your wife to clean up. I’m sorry that we’ve been tip toeing around you  all day trying not to make jokes, but you’re the one that’s got a stop. Stop calling yourself the fat guy, you’ve got a wife that loves you, you know how stuck with you through all of this.  You must have did something right to deserve this. I know what its like when life’s like when it hands you so much crap and you just sit on the couch and die, but you’ve got to look at what’s in front of you. You can’t just walk out on her now, she deserves better. chances are you going to die on the table and you’ll get what you want and at least your wife knows you tired. She’ll tell your children you tried. Give them that at least.

He ends up having the surgery, survive and he’s going to have to make serious life choices.

Now, what else is going on in the Seattle Grace Hospital?

Well since Avery and Cristina are both of the case, they go find Teddy to help her out. Turns out they have a mom and a young daughter in the pit. The mom turns out to be having a heart attack without knowing it. Teddy and Avery rush off to take her to surgery and Cristina is left to deal with said daughter. This should be interesting because we all know how much Cristina loves kids? When she actually is allowed to go to surgery, she rejects the offer. She has a strong connection to the daughter, because she went through the same deal with the car accident that her dad died in. Nice that Rhimes and her team of writers didn’t forget about this emotional baggage of Cristina’s.

Now Cristina actually doesn’t turn out to be that bad of baby sitter. She actually plays cards with the kid and tries to explain what’s going on. I really liked this change in Cristina because it was a reminder that Cristina like Meredith is a damaged person.

When Cristina finds out that her mom didn’t make it, she tries to explain to her how to grieve properly.

Cristina’s quote: If your mom dies, you’ll feel a lot of things. First, you feel like you’ve could have done more to help her, but its not true. You did every thing you could. It won’t feel that way, but remember me telling you this. You did everything you could and it’ll hurt every time you think of her. Every time if will hurt less and less and eventually you’ll remember her and it will only hurt a little.

This quote showed how strong a person Cristina has become to get over something so traumatic. I especially liked her conversation with Avery where she tried to shield her persona life from him.

Avery: Your dad then [When asking who died]? I’m sorry if that’s too personal. It was just really clear the way you were talking to her today. It was a long day, I thought maybe you would want to talk about it.

Cristina: That’s very insightful of you. You’re a super super sensitive man. Let me tell you what you saw today. I reflective listened to apatients concerns. g, I spoke to her in a language she could understand and I talked about complications and probably outcomes. That’s all you saw today, me kicking patient sensitivity’s ass today. So go be someone else’ s dishrag.

The emotion and the music propelled Cristina’s sadness welling up in her throat. I was kinda annoyed when she pushed Meredith away and asked for Hunt because doesn’t she and Meredith solve each other’s problem?

It was such an emotional tug for the audience when Cristina just sobs in Owen’s shirt that she misses her dad. Some days especially after this one, makes her buggage fly open exposing all her scrubs,bras and underwear. I thought it was a bittersweet moment. Shonda Rhimes and Sandra Oh really know how to make a 20-year-old bawl.

Now what’s going on with the Chief of Surgery, Derek Shepard?

Oh, he’s dealing with a wrongful death suit. I don’t really remember this case with Gary Clark that well, but obviously Derek does. The most important thing to get out of this whole situation is that this is Derek’s first time dealing with this kind of lawsuit. The worst result of this was he being called a coward and killer. That’s one way to raise your self-esteem. Not to worry, Derek blows off steam by hitting golf balls off the top of the roof with Marc. One rule: no talking.

The other important part of this episode is the result of Derek telling Meredith about the whole Owen/Cristina/Teddy problem, specifically that Owen insisted that Teddy be relocated and not to keep her contract. Meredith, of course when she runs into Owen gives him a look and thus Owen, not being an idiot, puts one and one together and realizes that Derek told his wifey.

Meredith of course is confused by this which Derek explains: “When you’re pissed, your face shows everything.” Meredith asks what should she do, Derek replies, “Control your face.”

In the end of this situation when Cristina is crying in the end, Owen fears that she has found out about him and Teddy. Luckily it was just about her father. Derek on the other hand is having alot of issues. He’s now unhappy about the lawsuit, but also that he can’t tell anything to his wife in confidence. I have to be on Meredith’s side though. She’s a woman and we like to protect our best friends.

Derek, just wait until next episode, I’m sure the truth gets out. Also Demi Lovato guest stars next week as a schizo which is quite a difference form her Disney persona. It looks quite good. Actually, here’s a preview clip I saw on Justjaredjr.

Little fun things:

  • Bailey won the pool: Corso weighed 678 lbs. Lexi marks upon the hypicrosy of the situation. Alex calms her down by kissing her.
  • Alex also divorces Izzie in this episode, no appearance of Heigl which we weren’t expecting. Alex is officially a single man, well kinda. He has Lexi.
  • Callie gets hit on by a woman runner and is given her number. Callie tells Arizona that she tried to wipe off the number, but it still remains. So does the thought that this woman might want kids while Arizona still does not. They end up sobbing and kissing each other to make each other feel better.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Spelling Lesson: Cristina has no “H” in her name and Derek is spelt like this and not like “Derrick” this. I found this out the hard way.

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