House: “The Choice” Review/Recap


Yeah it’s Thursday and “House” was Monday. I think I’m starting to see a pattern. School is inevitable making my reviews and recaps useless because I can’t get them done on time.

Anyway, Monday’s Episode consisted of a pretty much centered Taub episode again, ehhm, but at least there was more of House. C’mon I do expect a decent amount of House since this show is called “House”.

The patient case: A husband to be, Teddy, can’t speak and  faints at the altar. House believes it’s just nerves like all husbands to be gets. He proclaims he is faking when pokes Teddy with a needle and he cries out. House sends him on his way, but Teddy only returns when he faints outside in the hospital’s parking lot. House then sends his minions off to check Teddy’s two living spaces, his love nest and his last bachelor pad. When 13 and Taub go investigate the bachelor pad, they run into the new owner. New Owner= Ted’s ex-boyfriend, Kotter. Fun right? This kinda boost the episode for me because I was surprised by this added fact.

Teddy tells House and his team that he isn’t gay and that it was an accident. House proclaims sodomy is “top ten household accident”. Teddy explains that he went to a conversion camp to get out of being gay which included injecting him with testosterone and with electro-therapy.  Loved House’s quote, “It zapped the fabulous right out of him.” Of course his fiancee is not happy to hear any of this, she expected to be marrying a straight dude.

When Teddy explains to Nick, his fiancee about almost coming out to being gay: “I didn’t hate the thought of admitting I was gay because I was ashamed.  I hate the thought, because I wasn’t gay and that was the day I  sought help. They cured me.”

13 later counteracts in the episode, “To be faithful to his wife, he has to ignore his identity.”

I think this two quotes mirrored so much of what is going on in today’s society. We have people who know they are homosexuals and aren’t afraid to come out because they accept who they are, but then we have people in today’s society like Teddy who can’t believe they are gay and try to change the situation, try to alter their identity.

This idea comes back to solving the case when House is talking with Wilson. House says to Wilson about their own situation that, “wisdom is knowing what you can change and what you are born with.” This of course makes him jump up and immediately go to Teddy’s room. House then figures out that Teddy has a kr malformation or a narrowing of the base of the skull. He was born with it and it’s just become enhanced from anti-gay boot camp. In the end Teddy gets better, but his fiancee leaves him.

Result of Patient arc of the episode for me: Put Wilson on House’s team. It always gets solved when House is having a discussion with him.

Right, now onto the House’s Arc in this episode:

House is found sleeping on rocket ship sheets. At first, I was like why is he sleeping there? Answer 10 seconds later: he feel asleep in someone else’s an apartment, on  a kid’s bed because he was so drunk. My question is how did he get into that apartment? It’s not like he has a key.

Next Taub asks House out to dinner. House just believes this is a set up for Taub so he has time for his nurse friend lady. House goes to dinner and invites Rachel, Taub’s wife along. House tells Rachel that Taub is taking a ceramics class on Fridays and that she should join him.

Next day at the hospital, Taub finds a ceramics class that meets on Fridays in Trenton that is all booked up so Rachel can’t join. House counteracts that he still needs to bring home a craft for his wifey and that that week is 4th of July according to the syllabus. Taub then gets into a bidding war for these napkin rings with kissmyasthma99. Kissmyasthma99 is House. Who didn’t enjoy that when Taub found out it was him?

Next 13 asks House out to a lesbian bar. House goes to the lesbian bar where 13 is getting hit on and is being bought drinks by a ton of lesbians.

One important quote from this lesbian bar outing. 13: “My self pity is optional, what about yours?” I think we find out that answer at the end of the episode.

House puts it together that something is going on. He goes to Wilson and Wilson tells him that he did in fact bribe his team to hang out with him. Wilson knows House has no one else to hang out with now that Wilson getting back together with Sam. He paid the whole team $100 except for Foreman who held out for $200.

Last outing is going to a karaoke bar with Chase and Foreman! Favorite part of the episode with all them singing “Midnight Train to Georgia”

In the morning during his chat with Wilson, Wilson heard from Chase that they had a good time. House than says, “I realized they can become my friends and then I sobered up. I also think I sleep better on rockets ship sheets.” Only House would twist a serious conversation into a sarcastic, witty manner.

Now the last person trying to help him his Cuddy. She asks him out to dinner and House asks if Wilson paid her too.  Cuddy responds she is just being nice and that she wants to be friends with him.

House’s last words: “Funny, that’s the last thing I want us to be.”

This interaction with Cuddy leads to shots of him putting and drinking more hard liquor in his coffee cup. His I-buproufen is also right in the camera shot too.

Next week’s episode mirrors his downward spiral back to addiction when he visits his therapist. It’s unclear whether he is forced to go, but being this is House, I’m gonna say yes. So only 2 more episodes to go this season!


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