Brothers & Sisters: “Love All” Recap/Review


This episode made me very happy,  but also made me very sad. Why, you ask? Justin was in the majority of this episode=happy, Justin thinking about going to the war in Afghanistan=not happy

“Love all” mainly dealt with Sarah and her problems and Justin and his problems with a little bit of Robert and Kevin’s problems on the side.

Sarah’s problem was that Cooper was acting out. Why  is Cooper acting out in class and at home? It’s all because Mommy’s boyfriend is here to stay. Cooper just thought Luke was here for a vacation not for life. Mayhem ensues on Sarah’s part. Cooper acts obnoxious, Sarah tries to reprimand him, but Luke counters with a different idea. Cooper ignores them both. Some of Cooper’s antics include jumping into the pool with his clothes on when Luke went inside to get a towel. Another one of his antics includes stapling a girl’s ponytail in school. In the end of the episode Sarah finally has a talk with Cooper about the changes happening. He seems satisfied, but granted this is happening in the last 10 minutes of the show. They wouldn’t want to end with an unhappy child. Sarah points out to Luke: Do you really want to live us? You haven’t lived my 13 year old teenage daughter yet and you already know how stubborn I am.  In the end Luke and Cooper have some bonding time by doing some karate.

The only one he does seem to listen to is his Uncle Justin. In past seasons, Cooper and Paige gravitated to Justin. Remember, he was the one who gave Paige her diabetes insulin shots?  Uncle Justin and Cooper play video games because Sarah calls it her babysitting tool. Justin then still starts to talk about his time in Afghanistan. Cooper of course thinks it’s cool. Nora does not approve.

Justin has been dealing with the stress from his fallen friend’s funeral. He’s been distant  from Rebecca who’s put an offer in for the little bungalow she’s had her eye on. Justin, on the other hand is making dinner and bringing over pictures to his fallen friend’s wife. You also notice like Nora that Justin has started to wear his dog tags again. He found them when he changed for the funeral and his military uniform was there.  Nora asks Justin why he would go back? Is he thinking about going to a war that almost ended his life?

Justin later tells Rebecca who feels the same way about Justin’s distance and indifference. He tells Rebecca he wants purpose in his life. Rebecca is the only one who gives him purpose, but he wants to fit in somewhere else.

The lighter aspects of this episode is that Kevrah is back! Kevrah is Kevin and Sarah who were the ultimate tennis team. Both Kevin and Sarah were bummed out. Kevin is bummed because his lack of a job and purpose. Sarah is bummed because Cooper and Luke are being difficult. Robert arrives at Nora’s to drop off Evan and sees the two other Walkers starting to drink wine before 11 o’clock. Remember, Robert it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Anyway he’s on his way to practice in a tennis tournament, Kevin and Sarah get energized and beg to come along. Robert allows them and Luke to come along.

During the tennis match, it’s first Kevin and Robert v. Sarah and Luke.  Sarah and Luke start to bicker and Robert decides that they probably should switch to be better off.

The other think we learn about his Robert’s super secret job….kinda. Robert’s committee  he is told is to give money to an enemy company, Bill Stanton, who wants the funds to train the somalian police. The Senator, Joe who has no last name but is a Republican,  told Robert to do this because he wants to find out if Stanton is pooling money somewhere else for his own benefit. Robert plays in the tennis charity tournament that is sponsored by the Bad Bill Stanton. They make a deal in the clubhouse. Kevin is a witness to their handshake and can’t understand why Robert is hanging out with the enemy. Robert smartly replies, you aren’t my communications head anymore.

Robert is concerned about the effect it will have on his wife’s campaign. Mean Senator Man said you’re wife doesn’t have a shot. Robert smiles and say’s don’t count my wife out. In the end of the episode, Kitty resurfaces briefly with her endorsements intact. Kitty was gone for this episode because she was out getting endorsements for her campaign. Oh politics…. why are you so complicated with your backstabbing and money?

The next episode deals with Ojai finally going bankrupt. Sarah is still doing the drilling in this episode but the same thing is occurring. The drilling company needs more money to drill more. What a surprise.

Good Justin + Army Quotes:

1)Justin and Nora

Justin: What do you want from  me? My friends are dying and I’m dealing with a buying a house and a degree I’m gonna get in 7 years.

Nora: I’m onto Justin… the funeral, the dog tags, all those war stories. I know where this is headed.

Justin: Don’t put words in my mouth.

Nora: You wanna go back to this hideous war.

Justin: I-dont.

Nora: Don’t lie to me. I’ve been through this twice with you. The last time almost killed you, why would you want to go back? Your life is great. You’re in med school, you have a wife who you loves you. You made a commitment to her, you can’t just walk away from your life.

2) When asking Robert if he talked to Justin about rejoining.

Robert: Look Nora… I just listened. The first time you enlist is about a bunch of things, but if you re-enlist, its about giving back to people who you love in a way no one else can possibly can.

Nora: Well that’s easy for you to say, you’re not going back to war.

Robert: Well, we all go to war in different ways.

Nora: But I don’t want my son going back to this war ever again.

Robert: But that pull is awfully strong.

3) Rebecca and Justin

Justin: Becca, ever since the funeral, I’ve been thinking about how much Jake and the others mean so much to me. And they mean so much more than anything else going on in this war. See, I don’t think I want to be a doctor anymore. It just doesn’t feel right. You know it’s all about being the best and not a team and there’s one place that felt like I belonged to a team. Those guys had my back-

Rebecca: Don’t you dare-

Justin: Look, let me talk because I’m feeling. It doesn’t mean I’m going to act on it. I’m not happy…

Rebecca: Justin, if its about the house…

Justin: You don’t have to explain all that. You are the only thing that works in my life. You are the one true thing. I just want to feel like I belong somewhere else too.

Rebecca: You will.

2 more episodes to go, hopefully we will find out what Justin will do, what Narrow Lake has hidden and what’s Robert’s plans?


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