House: “Open and Shut” Review/Summary

It’s Friday! And “House” happened on Monday! Oops!

This week’s “House” didn’t really entertain me. The case was interesting, but maybe not enough. Maybe it has to do with that this was a Taub centered episode and he’s my least favorite character.

The case was about this woman suffering horrible stomach cramps, etc. The thing that drew House into this case was that the patient and her husband were involved in an Open Marriage.

After a couple years, the patient and her husband realized they loved each other and they wanted to stay together, but they wanted to see other people. More specifically, her. The husband was perfectly happy having one partner, her. He of course tells 13 this when 13 asks about his list of sexual partners while trying to figure out if the patient’s pain is caused by an STD or an infection carried by someone else. 13 keeps this a secret until the end of the episode.

At one point, 13 and Chase go into the patient’s apartment to do their usual snooping around. 13 discovers a loofa which she hopes to be the cause of the patient’s distress. She’s wrong. Come on 13, you know the case only normally gets solved in the last five minutes by House.

Now this case relates to Taub’s still persistent problems with his wife Rachel. He has been flirting in the hospital with this nurse. He says they are just friends. 13 points out that she and Taub are friends and they don’t get coffee twice a week.

Taub asks Rachel if they can have an open marriage. Rachel at first agrees to it, knowing all along that Taub has someone else on his mind. She then quickly tells him that she can’t. She’ll be thinking about him and this other woman and she doesn’t want this. Taub says this is okay. Uh..huh

The ironic part of this episode is that throughout the episode and for the past season, Taub says he would never cheat on his wife. At least three times during this episode he explains to 13: I love my wife. I would never do anything to hurt her. I can’t hurt her. Rachel means so much to me.

Cue last twenty seconds of the episode: Taub helps Nurse put her yoga gear in the car and then they start kissing. BOO!

Now this episode wasn’t all about Taub, thank goodness. It also involved Wilson and Sam.

House being House, tried to destroy the relationship by organizing the dishwasher in ways that Wilson hated. Wilson doesn’t like when big bowls are on the bottom because they trap the flow of water and the dishes on the top don’t get clean. House also does other little things hoping that Wilson will blame Sam for these issues. He does in fact, blame Sam. They then both figure out it’s House’s doings. They also have a big fight about why their last relationship ended ten years ago. Eventually House creates the opposite of what he wanted to happen, Sam and Wilson at the end of the episode are happily playing cards. Cue sad acoustic guitar music for House.

Oh back to the case: The only thing that really got my attention with this case was when Tom, the husband lied about their health insurance. During a time when many people are unemployed and don’t have health insurance, it was interesting to see how Cuddy and House reacted. The reason why Tom had no money to keep up with the health insurance was that he invested all of their savings into manufacutring wind turbines and selling them. The patient was furious and kicked him out. The patient said: Tom and I have always been honest with one another.

Now 13 tells her that people lie about certain things to make others happy like him lying about the money and him also having one sex partner. Of course the woman was like what? Eventually her husband returns. I can’t really remember why, it was probably has to do with the fact that she is dying. Not to worry, the case gets solved.

The mysterious cause of her disease: A Bee sting triggering the effects of HSP or Henoch-Schonlein Purpura or a blood vessel inflammation related to vasculitis. As House says, “It’s pretty awful, that’s why it was named after a german. Actually two germans.” Anyway with the right medicine, she’s gonna live.

So I stuck around for this episode mostly for House’s antics.  Hopefully, next week’s episode will be better in my opinion which would mean a quicker update.

Best Line of the episode: Nebraska, like that’s really a place. In response to the patient’s husband going on a supposed business trip to Nebraska and House thinks he’s lying about it.


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