Grey’s Anatomy: “Hook, Line and Sinner” Review/Recap


The reason was I love Grey’s above all else is the writing done on this show. It’s not the medical cases that draw me in, well maybe occasionally like the whole ferry boat incident a couple seasons back. Tonight however after their hiatus, it was all about the emotional speeches and focusing on the characters. Sweet!

Right? So if you remember, I know it’s been awhile but in the last episode Little Sloan arrived at Marc’s doorsteps about to give bith. Thank goodness that your dad is a doctor as well as your dad’s friends and neighbors are doctors too. So little Sloan’s little baby arrives. The baby almost doesn’t cry, but eventually the baby does.

Seattle Grace wise we have two major conflicts going on. One with Baby. One with cardiothoracic job open. Also we deal once again with the Derek/Meredith relationship again. What season are we in and we are still on this relationship?  However, it’s not too serious this time, it’s actually pretty funny.

Conflict One: Baby

Little Sloan isn’t keeping the baby. She has adoptive parents all picked out which is good because she would be a bad parent. You can see it when she freaks out when the baby cries and she doesn’t know what to do. This adoption situation changes when Marc believes that he and Little Sloan can take care of the baby. The reasoning behind this is, is Marc has no family. His mom is dead, his dad is not really with it and he has no brothers and sisters. Little Sloan and the Baby are his family. He wants to have something.

Toward the end of the episode, Marc throws a fit in Derek’s office that people he doesn’t know are going to take his baby. Derek, still holding on to the best friend position, tells him: They aren’t taking Sloan. Sloan is your kid. Fair point, maybe that’s why Derek is Chief.

Now eventually Marc agrees to letting the adoptive parents go pick the baby up. Watching the pain on his face was so horrible as he gave the baby up. You could see he was happy with giving the baby to parents who always wanted a baby, but still you can still see the pain in wanting to keep the baby.

The best speech from this situation was from Marc when talking to Little Sloan.

“I’m not too busy for my family, but don’t keep the baby for me. You always have me and I’ll always want you. And that’s truly the matter no matter what you decide. You’re my kid and I’m so happy I get to know you, Sloan. I’m so happy about that.”

I think Dr. Sloan finally has a family. Nice.

2. Callie/Arizona/Baby?

Callie is still harping on Arizona that she wants a baby because they are all adorable. Arizona, once again says no. Callie spends the episode trying to figure out why Arizona wouldn’t want a baby. She also spends the other half of the episode trying to help Marc keep Little Sloan’s baby. Arizona finally tells her that the baby needs good parents, parents that have been wanting for so long to be parents. Not little Sloan who is still a child and is irresponsible.

Now Callie has a reason as to why Arizona is so bitter about having children. Arizona’s brother died. I don’t really remember this, but granted it’s been a long hiatus for me.

Callie: Your parents went through pain, unimaginable pain. your parents never got over it…. Our baby won’t be your brother.

Arizona: I’m gonna say this once and I’m not going to say it again. I’m not broken. I’m no psycho drama. My lack of interest in having a child is not some pathology you can pat yourself on the back for having diaognised.  I like the way my life. I like it the way it is and I don’t want change. I thought I liked it with you in it. I hope I’m not wrong.

Apparently, dead brother isn’t the problem. Don’t worry, she’s not wrong. Callie goes back to her in the end.

Once again… awesome writing and great delivery from Jessica Capshaw

Conflict: Cardiothoracic surgeon position open

Derek invites Tom Evans to perform a heart surgery. Apparently Tom Evans is some sort of Rock Star when it comes to hearts and Christina is a groupie. I like how Alex compares Christina to some avid trading card collector of heart surgeons. First Burke, then Haan, then Teddy and now Evans. Christina is in awe and doesn’t quite know what’s going on.

What’s going on? Teddy is in danger of losing her job. She never told Derek that she wanted a permanent job and he’s been out shopping for a new surgeon. She can’t understand why he won’t sign her on immediately. His reasoning: He doesn’t want to play favorites. He’s pretty much just looking at their resumes, not who they are friends with or who Sloan’s flavor of the moth is.  Teddy is not amused by Derek.  Her nerves also bring on a cold. Ahh, no good.

Her cold makes her sneeze during surgery. The sneeze messes up the precarious situation of removing a gigantic fish hook from a captain of  shark hunting’s stomach.  That’s right, I finally brought up the case. It’s not really important except for two reasons. 1. The metaphor of the hook and 2. Alex and Lexi. I’ll come back to number 2 in a minute.

The metaphor happens when the old Chief walks in and Derek tells him he doesn’t know who to choose to be a the next cardio surgeon. He needs a good surgeon that can bring in good publicity for the hospital and Tom Evans has that.  The Old Chief pretty much tells the New Chief: You got a big hook there, you have to figure out how to fish yourself. I kinda loved it. Dr. Webber was like I’m not helping you, you have to figure it out. Oh, P.S. I’m also not helping you because you took my job.

Now Teddy is very emotional about losing her job and she loses her cool while in the elevator with Owen. If you know Grey’s, you know the elevator always has very emotional pullings on the character.  She starts to sneeze and cry. Owen holds her and then they almost kiss. Of course, the doors open and they go out.  Saved by the door, I mean pagers!

Before Derrick decides his choice, Christina is bouncing around, all happy and giddy. Once again, writers do a bang up job with Kim Rave (Teddy) to deliver such great lines.

Teddy:  “You think I need you to hold my instruments while I operate? I do it, so you can learn Christina. I’d be alot faster in the OR without you. Did you notice you never touched that patient? Your gloves were clean. Did you learn alot? He’s here for my job. Do you really not get that? Evans is in and I’m out. Good luck with your new attending.”

In between Derek’s deciding, Christina tells Owen to speak to Derek on Teddy’s behalf. Owen is supposed to go in and tell him how great Teddy is. Instead, the memory of the almost kiss  comes up and he tells Derek that Teddy has a load of options especially in the East. NOO! What are you doing Hunt?

Turns out, I had nothing to worry about Teddy stays.

Dr. Webber is happy that Derek found loyalty. Derek shakes his head and gives me the worst info. He chose Evan, Evan declined, so he had to pick Teddy. Auggh. Derrick, I get so confused by you.

2. Alex/Lexi

Second scenario with the fish hook case. Alex is being an egotistical man and wants to be on top, both figuratively and literally. Lexi with her brilliant memory finds out that both the son and father injured in the accident have the same contagious infection. She’s about to tell Alex, but Bailey interrupts her.

Bailey: I’m Dr. Bailey and I know everything….You’re a Scut Monkey….If that’s what it costs, it costs too much.

That’s pretty much the gist of her talking to Lexi. Sex with Alex isn’t worth it, if she are giving up her brains and doctor skills. Bailey, that’s why you are awesome. You knock sense into all the doctors.

Finally last situation: Meredith/Derek

Derek’s annoying assistant April is fangirling over him. Meredith is getting annoyed and Avery is imitating high girlie voices. I’m liking Dr. Avery soo much!

Best comedic conversations always happen around the lunch table:

Alex, Christina and Meredith are discussing the April Situation.

Alex: Of course he likes her. She calls him Chief Sheperd and she shaves her legs.

Meredith: I shave my legs… sometimes.

This conversation also includes the whole trading card scenario with Christina. It’s like season one of Grey’s! Oh I miss George and Izzie!

Meredith ignites her relationship with her husband at the end of the episode when she closes the blinds and locks the doors. She approaches him in a high girly voice and calls him Chief Sheperd!

Next Episode: Don’t call the next patient fat and Derek gets in trouble with a past patient. It’s tough to be Chief, but someone has to do it.


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