What’s gonna happen when my shows end?

Fans of the Office, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s, listen up. Your shows are in danger of ending. Primarly because most of the stars contracts are up and some are thinking about moving on.


First The Office:  After Steve Carell’s contract ends in the seventh season, he thinks he’s done playing Michael Scott. According to a BBC  Interview, Carell stated that he might not resign on. He stated this while he was promoting “Date Night” with Tina Fey in the UK.

Steve Carell soundbite


Next up is Desperate Housewives: According to deadline.com, ABC is considering a final 2 year renewal for Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry is on board for three mores and was believed to keep Desperate going until the 9th season. Turns out, it may only last two more and Cherry will be moving on with a new project. All 4 leading ladies have contracts through the next season and will probably sign on for one more.


Lastly Grey’s Anatomy: And then there was Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo… After Katherine Heigl leaving, T.R. Knight leaving, Isaiah Washington getting fired, you wonder when Dempsey and Pompeo were going to go. Of course Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson and the secondary cast is still on board. Also according to deadline.com Dempsey and Pompeo have deals through the next season, but word through the set is that Patrick probably doesn’t want to stay through another. Another tidbit for Grey’s is that Shona Rhimes might continue Grey’s but with it’s secondary cast. Hmm… I think I would miss McDreamy.


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