“Where’s the Smoke?”: Brothers & Sisters Recap/Review


Last night’s episode, we had babies, green cards, psychics, army fatigues and mysterious jobs. Sounds like the usual “Brothers and Sisters” that I love.

Like any episode of B&S, it starts out with a phone conversation or shall I say ichat conversation with multiple siblings. First we had Kitty who was paranoid at 5:30 in the morning because a news article was calling her and Robert the catastrophe couple due to all their medical issues. Robert is unfazed by this and is more concerned that he didn’t stay up to watch the whole baseball game last night. Sure, this may seem like normal guy fashion to be concerned about your sports team, but Kitty knows something is up. Robert is usually more concerned about politics rather than so and so’s batting average.

She ends up ichating with Sarah and thank goodness for me since I didn’t have my glasses on to read the T.V. screen, decides to call Sarah and eventually ends up talking with Kevin on the other line. Also good thing, we have two way calling now.

Sarah is still depressed that Luke is leaving and apparently in this episode, he is leaving today. Sarah let’s it slip that she is more emotional than ever. Kitty thinks she might be pregnant. Kevin’s problem is that he is panicking about Michelle’s pregnancy. He’s doing what his doctor told him not to do, going online to check out other people’s comments about Michelle’s levels for pregnancy. I don’t remember the exact name for them, all I remember they had to be double for the second test.   Like anyone knows when you don’t feel well or you have something medical going on, you leave WebMd alone because you can end up self diagnosing yourself with 50 things and end up having none of the above.

Then we have Nora who is at the hospital with Saul. Apparently their mother was in town visiting her friend Eunice, but ended up in the middle of the road, getting hit by a bus. Ida’s (Nora’s mom) memory is failing that’s how she got hit by a bus. Luckily she only got a sprained ankle? Is that right? Well, that’s why we have t.v.  It’s actually very sad her losing her memory and all.  The problem is that the doctor won’t let her go until Saul and Nora make plans for her at a nursing home or somewhere because she can no longer live alone.  Nora decides to take it up in her Nora fashion to let her mom stay at her house.

This plan doesn’t go so well. They don’t have the best relationship and the argue a lot. Ida at one point asks about their old dog Bingo. Bingo died 20 years ago. Nora leaves her mom in the house to go shopping and returns to find out that her mom has left the burner on, leading to a fire. Nora blames herself, afraid to face the reality of the situation.

Meanwhile my lovable Justin and his new wife were going through the wedding registries to realize they got a lot of wedding gifts that their little apartmetnt can’t hold. Justin suggests new shelving while Rebecca suggest a cute new bungalow for sale. They of course have no money thanks to Justin’s loans and Rebecca sinking her money into the Ojai bankruptcy problem. While discussing this situation, Justin checks his email and finds out one of his buddies from Iraq was killed. Bummer x a billion.

Kevin and Scotty to take their minds off waiting for Michelle’s phone call, go to a psychic. Kevin doesn’t want to go, but Scotty does. The psychic with a little help from Scotty, tells them that someone is going on new journey, someone will be arriving bring clouds and smoke and that a new light a.k.a baby will come.

Turns out the cloud and smoke was Ida and the fire that happened. Kevin and Scotty were so cute when they walked into the kitchen, saw the ash from the fire and began to jump up and down with excitment. I then l liked how Sarah and Kitty go to the back room and discuss how Sarah might be pregnant. She was unable to take her test because Luke came home at the wrong time and she doesn’t want to tell him yet.  Why did I like Kitty and Sarah discussing this? Well, Kevin barges through the door and says “Scotty, Sarah stole our baby!” It was cute, but also a little sad if Kevin didn’t get his baby.

Dinner doesn’t really happen because Sarah and Luke go home to take a pregnancy test. Kevin and Scotty leave because Kevin is throwing a fit.

It turns out that Sarah isn’t pregnant but not before finding out that Luke thinks a baby is the only thing that will keep them together when he goes back to France. Sarah is not pleased. Sarah is pleased though in the end of the episode when Luke wins the lottery: He gets a green card!

Kevin and Scotty meanwhile, go home and discuss that if they don’t get a baby, they could always get a dog. As they discuss what kind of dog they want, they get a phone call from Michelle. They’re pregnant, yeah!!!!!!! I’m so happy for my t.v. couple!

Ida tells Nora that she wants to got a nursing home/retirement home and that it’s her choice, not Nora. Nora is upset because she’s a very a hands on person and likes to help. She also wants a relationship she never had with her mother. It turns out when they are heading to Ida’s new home, Ida has an episode pretending that Nora is her friend Eunice. She then discusses how proud she is of Nora with all her great children. Nora realizes that her mother really does love her in her own unique way.  Once again, it really bums me out about people losing their memory. Without your memory, you have nothing. You’re stuck in a different time. Ahh, anyway off of being depressing.

Right, I forgot to mention after all my discussing of babies and people losing their memories,  that Kitty had lunch with someone in the U.S. Government to discuss that it was discrimination that Robert didn’t get his super secret job because of his heart condition. Turns out that that wasn’t the case, that was just a cover.  It turns out if Robert didn’t take the super secret job because he was black balled. If he took this job says another government official, he wouldn’t be able to help his country…whatever that means.  I gotta tell you I’m pretty P.O. that I still don’t know what Robert’s job is. It’s even more frustrating than the whole Narrow Lake thing.

Finally my Justin goes to the funeral and runs into Robert. They have a discussion that there are more important things going on in the whole world than in their corner of their world. So this leads Robert to take another super secret job for his country. Great so now there’s two jobs I don’t know about. I feel like it has something to do with the military because Robert was in it, right?  Anyway more importantly, Justin is thinking about enlisting again to be an army medic!!!!

I know, I know it’s good that he wants to serve again, but all I kept saying was NOOOOOOO!!!!! Don’t go, you’ll get killed!!!! I think from the preview for the next episode pretty much shows how much of the family agrees with me and disagrees with Justin’s thought about rejoining. Also remember  the psychic’s someone is going on a new journey? Who can it be? Robert or Justin? Or both?

Quick things:

1. Saul’s shirt and tie combo? What was up with that costume designer? Someone had a little fun. Also Ida doesn’t know her son is gay. Really, Ida? Look at that shirt and tie combo and tell me no straight man would wear that.

2.Cooper and Paige are once again at Joe. Thank you convenient divorce! Also thanks for random baby crying and toys scattered on the floor, but no appearance of Evan. Clearly no one wants to hire the kids if they definitely don’t have to.

3. I can feel that Rob Lowe is definitely leaving the show. I can sense it.


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