Matthew Morrison: I choose this man over my “Glee” Recap


I lie.. Here’s a quick recap of Glee and my thoughts.  Last night’s Glee was awesome with everything Madonna. Really it was. The story line however was pretty much the same for all the characters whether it be Rachel, Finn or Emma who were all deciding whether they wanted to give up their “V” card. Well, the women didn’t, but Finn did with Santana.

My favorite part of this episode was Sue siding with Mercedes and Kurt. Obviously she is still trying to destroy Glee club, but I still thought it was kinda awesome with her letting them join the cheerios. Mercedes had a point when she was like “you only use me to belt out the last note.”

I also liked the reoccurrence of Becky Johnson as that was one of my favorite episodes.

Can’t wait for next’s weeks epsiode where Kurt plays matchmaker! Also I love Brittany: ” I think my cat is reading my diary”

All right, the real reason is this post is all about Mr. Schuester a.k.a Matthew Morrison. I love this man for three reasons.

1. Native New Yorker who was on Broadway

2. He loves the New York Mets

3. He’s got curly hair.

Fun fact which I am sure all you gleeks know: Matt Morrison is getting a record contract with Island Def Jam record group. Can’t wait!

Here are some fun things today when I went googling Matt Morrison.

(Todd Williamson/ wire image)

Matts interview with NY Mag

Two videos: one from the glee dvd where he bikes around NY with a NY Mets hat…adorable, second one is “Legally Brown” with Lin-Manuel Miranda of In the Heights

“Legally Brown”

Hope everyone enjoyed my Matt Morrison spamming of sorts.


One thought on “Matthew Morrison: I choose this man over my “Glee” Recap

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