“Knight Fall”: House Recap/Review

I usually end up watching House either late or night or early morning depending on my ability to stay awake. Yesterday’s episode was watched on the comfort of my couch with a big bowl of cereal. Yep, that’s right I am a big t.v. head, but you already knew that right? Anyway, you aren’t here for my t.v. watching habits, you’re here for House, 13,Foreman,Chase,Taub, Cuddy and Wilson.

In this case/episode: House and his team have to yet again solve a bizzare case. I know, I know… that always happening. After a while I tend to question what the writers will come up with for an interesting case.  I like the scene with Chase and Foreman are betting and raising the cases like poker chips, trying to find an interesting case. One that didn’t qualify as interesting enough, baby with bleeding ears. You know what trumps that, a Knight with demon eyes.

The Knight with demon a.k.a Sir William a.k.a the patient is one of the Renaissance Fair junkies, but as he told House’s team, it’s a way of life. We learn he has been leaving in the Ye Ol’ Times for a month. He hangs out with the King  and Queen i.e. his best friend and the girl he is in love with.

On top of this general case, we have the subplot: Wilson has started to date his first ex-wife who is Libby from “LOST”.  Wilson is smitten with Sam while House and Cuddy aren’t so sure. Cuddy has taken a vow of silence and refuses to address the situation while House is House…

He first meets Sam,naked in the kitchen. Second, Wilson invites him to dinner because Sam wants to know him better. House brings a transgendered prostitute to stir up excitement. Turns out, the woman and Sam come from the same town and have lots to discuss, lucky House. The third thing he does is, is cook dinner for them and pretend to be nice. When Wilson uses the bathroom, House says he likes to keep his enemies closer, but also because he is protecting his best friend, he doesn’t want Wilson to be hurt. Lastly, he enlists Lucas who I have sorely missed to do a little background scoop. Kinda bummed Lucas only had one scene.

Meanwhile back with the Knight, House sends 13 and Foreman to the Fair grounds. They are testing everything from the tukey leg that 13 was eating to the cow eye that the king made the knights eat. Food poisoning? Posion Ivy found at the fair grounds? Hemlock found in the Apothecary? Well, it kinda was the last one. Kinda not, turns out Sir William is a little modern when it comes to winning a tournament. He took some anabolic steroids to juice himself up which had a worse that normal reaction thanks to the hemlock added to his system.

Now, what I loved about this episode in the conclusion is the conversation 13 had with William. 13 could tell right away that William was in love with his best friend’s fiancee, Shannon. It wasn’t the Knight’s way to steal the future Queen. After 13 founds out he has been juicing, she asks him if he was still being chivalrous? He laughed and said that was a game, but with life, he holds up his knightly morals.

“Miles is a great guy, rich, smart, treats her well. She’s gonna have a great life with him, but with me, I would do everything I could for her, but it still wouldn’t be the best. She deserves the best. I rather her have the best even if I am not it.”

My favorite shot of the episode: House having dinner with Sam and Wilson. I loved that one window was empty and the other one was full of activity.

Other favorite bit of the night:

House: That’s why we have to check out Middle Earth. Foreman take Frodo and break brit with the Hobbits.

Taub: Blah,Blah..something medical

House: That’s why you and Chase are doing an MRI.

Taub: But you said Frodo…

House: I said Frodo, not Gollum.

13: Is he saying I’m short or I have hairy feet?

Chase: I don’t even know who Frodo is.

I think Chases’ line was my favorite. Only couple episodes left before Season 6 is all wrapped up. Stay tuned for next Mondays.


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