“If you bake it, he will come”: Brothers and Sisters Ep 20 Recap/Review

(photocredit: abc.com)

“Brothers and Sisters”, you know how to bring the drama. After last week’s Narrow Lake movie as I like to call it, this week was all about Kevin’s birthday and whether he would show.

This episode started off with all the Walker children ignoring their mother’s calls. Kevin obviously didn’t want talk to his mother and the other Walkers didn’t want to tell their mom that Kevin wasn’t coming.  Nora still proceeds to go out and buy squab  and make a delectable dinner. Scotty of course always being adorable, decides to bake the cake.

Now on top of the inevitable birthday dinner disaster, Tommy, Sarah, Holly, Rebecca and Saul had to deal with the Ojai problem. Sure, finding narrow lake was swell, but it couldn’t save them from their looming bankruptcy. There is one solution, okay two solutions. The first solution is to make a kinda deal with Dennis York or the second one, use Rebecca’s  2 million dollars to save the company.

The only problem is that Holly doesn’t want Rebecca to go through with it. Holly tries to reason with Rebecca that she might never see this money again and it might save the company for a day, but maybe not for a year. Of course, Rebecca thinks with her heart and gives the 2 million to Ojai. She probably wants to support the family company because if you think about, she is now a Walker more than ever. She’s the new Mrs. Walker!

So at the moment, Ojai is safe. Tommy decides to have a meeting with Dennis York and Kevin and Justin decide to tag along. Tommy along with his brothers, are convinced that they can persuade Dennis to agree for three things. 1) They know what Narrow Lake is, 2)Kevin knows about Aaron and 3)Doesn’t know that Ojai is broke.

Their plan ultimately fails because Dennis being the creep that he is knows about 3), doesn’t care about 2) and for 1) knows they don’t know the real reasons he wants the land. In the end, no deal is made.

Now true, they don’t know about narrow lake details…so that’s why they had a geological survey down,duh.  Lo and behold, they get back 14 pages of useless data that pretty much says, we need to do more tests with more of your money. The one thing that is pointed out is that that the test that needs to be done is electromagnetic commission. When I heard this, all I thought of was LOST, no joke. I don’t know why, I just did.

Let’s see what else was going on

  • Robert was going on job interviews for his super secret job. He tells Kitty, if he gets it, they will move to D.C.
  • If only Kitty had watched twenty minutes to realize that Robert doesn’t get the job because of his heart condition, heart arrhythmias.
  • Kevin and Scotty are waiting throughout the episode for word that Michelle is pregnant. In the end they learned they are half-pregnant. Aww! I was very half -happy for them.
  • Luke is going back to Paris in two weeks and Sarah is freaking out.
  • The main theme in this episode is all about having a little faith that everything works out fine. Right, this made me think of my favorite show on ABC that got cancelled, “Eli Stone” with George Michael singing, “Gotta have faith, faith!”

The  other main tie in with Kevin’s birthday party was Kevin confronting his mother about what his dad thought of him. Dennis York kinda provokes him during their discussion saying that William thought he was too weak, too fragile. Anyway I transcribed what was said between Nora and her son because I feel like it capture the emotion the best.

Kevin: Did Dad think I was weak?

Nora: Kevin, you were sensitive, you were tender, not weak.  I think he was afraid of you. He never knew who he was and you, you were on the surface, so willing and wanting to know yourself.

Kevin: I didn’t know myself… Do you know why I hit Aaron?…He tried to kiss me. I was so scared what I was feeling. I was afraid of what others would think.

Nora:I knew you were gay….I was just waiting for you to find out for yourself. I was afraid for you. The world was different… I knew life would be harder for you than for your brothers and sisters.

Kevin: We were both scared of the same thing….me

Nora: We didn’t have to be. You were so brave. Thank you for being brave to talk to me. I wish I was brave enough to talk to about Aaron back then.

This scene was highly anticipated for me. I was kinda bummed that it was at the end of the episode, but I understand why they had to do that. They had to build up to the climax. Very understandable.

Then to quiet this storm was the dinner celebration happening a little later. I loved that everyone could show up. Probably my favorite bit was the worst toasts bit.

Kevin: To the worst birthday of my life

Nora: To the very worst investment deal ever.

(I can’t remember who said this): Nothing is worse than Narrow Lake.

Sara: Oh I can top that. The love of my life is going back to France and is never coming back.

I kinda thought Saul’s topped it, well actually Kevin’s comment.

Saul: I’m 70 years old and I came out of the closet. I might as well just turn back around.

Kevin: You should, you have great clothes in there.

Perfect line to complete this review.

Side notes:

  • I thought Justin had problems with his medical schooling. Yes, I remember he was dyslexic, but I was confused, is he a resident now?
  • I love how in the end when Kitty and Robert show up for Kevin’s birthday party without Evan. Where’s Evan? With the nanny again?
  • The music used tonight I loved as usual:

  1. Alexi Murdoch: It’s only Fear (used during the talk with Kevin and Nora)
  2. Alpha Rev: New morning (used with Robert not getting his job and continues into the party)

I just looked on imdb to see how many episodes are left and there are only four. What?? No… I wish the Walkers continued during the summer.


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