“Ugly Betty” isn’t so Ugly: The Final Episode of “Ugly Betty”

I can’t believe that “Ugly Betty” is over. Whether the show lost viewers to the writer strike like “Pushing Daisies” had or because of their change of night, the show ended its four year run this past Wednesday and unlike some show’s endings, the writers of “Ugly Betty” didn’t leave anything hanging. Everyone seemed to get what they wanted, right?

Whilimena: Didn’t end up dying from the gunshot wound, reunited with Conor and ended up with being the sole editor of MODE.

Marc: Marc is still Willie’s assistant, but has more creative influence over what is going on. Marc also tried to reunite with his fling, Troy.

Amanda: Finally found her father. He turned out to be the Soap Opera star she was styling for. He explains that during the Studio 54 time, he thought he was hooking up with Andy Warhol, not the late Faye Summers. He only became Amanda’s stylist client to meet her. All in all, Amanda finally found family that mattered to her.

Hilda/Bobby: Plan on moving to Manhattan with Justin. My mom would like to point out, how could they afford to move to Mahattan? I would love to point out as a joke that Bobby was part of the mob.

Justin: Finally accepted who he was and still has Austin as his boyfriend. I just noticed that their names end in the same letters.

Ignacio: He is just proud of his daughters for getting what they always wanted. He’s also happy that he will finally get his bathroom to himself. He declined Hilda’s offer to move to Manhattan with them.

Betty: She decided to accept the editor job in London. The only problem in her happiness was telling Daniel that she was leaving. Daniel of course finds out not from her, but from office gossip and is furious. He refuses to let her go from her contract. Eventually, Clare persuades Daniel to let Betty go and to question himself if the reason he couldn’t let her go was because he had feelings for her. Betty ends up leaving New York without a goodbye from Daniel.

Daniel: He decides with Betty leaving that he wants to start over and explore who he is as a person. He decides to leave sole editorship to Whilimena as I mentioned before.  He doesn’t want to get a job because of his connections.

Now at the end, we see a happy montage of Betty being fashionable and in charge throughout London. I don’t know, but did America Ferrara and the team of “Ugly Betty” actually go to London? I don’t know. Anway, the montage continues right up until Betty runs into someone. She apologizes, but stops as she realizes it is Daniel.

Daniel explains why he didn’t say goodbye and says he’ll be staying in London to see what’s out there. Pretty much saying that he’s there for Betty. I love the last lines even though they were slightly cheesy from Betty to Daniel, “Well I am looking for an assistant.” To which Daniel responds, “I guess I’ll submit my resume.” Ahh sweet serendepity or parallelism or whatever you want to call it. I was happy to see that the writers didn’t go for the cheesiest result of Daniel kissing Betty. I was kinda afraid of that because a) I thought that would have been too rushed or like I said b) too cheesy and predictable. I still like in the end how they left it for us to assume that their dinner that night would lead to something more.

Probably what was even better than the last lines were the closing graphics over the busy London Streets.


I think this said it all about the conclusion of “Ugly Betty” in general. Betty made a beautiful transformation, but you know what she was never ugly. Just ugly by MODE’s standards.

I also thought three quotes made the night bittersweet for me:

  • Marc: “I will willing to do anything for you. You were like my mother, my goddess, my diva…my life. I thought if you had everything,.. you’d be happy, but you’ll never be happy. There’s always something more.” -I thought this was nice way for someone so close to Whilimena to show her the truth which lead her to lying about the shooting. Why Whilimena isn’t so grinchy thanks to little Marc St. James who.
  • Whilimena to Betty at her going away party out on the balcony: “It’s interesting…you spent four years here, working the ladder up and then you threw it all away. I never thought I’d say this, but you got big balls, Betty Suarez.”
  • Ignacio to Betty leaving: “When your mommy and I left Mexico and come here,  we were so afraid, but  it was the best decision we made… Something tells me, you’ll think the same about this move.”

In the end I’ll miss Amanda and Marc antics, also Tyler’s hotness, but most of all I’ll miss the whole MODE family with their bright colors and their witty dialogue. Maybe like Anna Ortiz said, we can cross our fingers for a movie. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?


2 thoughts on ““Ugly Betty” isn’t so Ugly: The Final Episode of “Ugly Betty”

  1. I’m going to miss my weekly fix of Ugly Betty. It’s been a great four years. And yes, they really shot the scenes in London. I could tell because I live here. The London Calling episode, however, most definitely was a fake London. I was glad to see the real city in this final episode.

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