Let’s go to Narrow Lake!: “Brothers and Sisters”

Aren’t you impressed? I think this will be the fastest update ever after watching an episode of anything. See, this time I learned. I kept my pen and notepad handy while watching along. Granted, I might have had to rewind once or twice to write down a quote I liked, but still, I didn’t miss anything. I’m gonna crank all my thoughts out now before I fall asleep and forget everything I have to say about this jam packed double episode of “Brothers and Sisters.” Now would be the time for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it to… to stop reading.

So this double episode was titled rightly so “Time after Time.”  Can I say, awesome title? One it corresponds with the whole epsiode, duh but it also calls back to the song playing in the flashback.

Wait… what, flashback? I was surprised as you were when “Brothers and Sisters” opened up with a flashback from 25 years ago. Remember when I said, I didn’t know if it was Tommy who said he got in an accident? Well, apparently it was Tommy, but when Tommy was 18 or around then.  He had gotten into a car accident.  Now that’s pretty much all we are given as an audience, but gradually the episode backpedals through out in its two hours to how the accident happened and if it really mattered.

I guess I should tackle “if it really mattered” now. The car accident “almost” mattered, but didn’t. Here’s what went down in the series of  flashbacks.

1. Tommy has a flashback of his accident.

2. Sarah has a flashback of Nora yelling at Dennis York.

3. Kitty  has a flashback of the yelling too. She remembers she was drunk thanks to Sarah’s little party at the Ojai building. This party is the whole thing,the whole big answer.

In real time, Tommy uncovers from his mother that she has been hiding a secret for 25 years from all of her children. The secret involves William and her paying someone off. That someone was paralyzed. The thing is, we don’t find out who it was, until much later in the episode. Does it involve the car accident? Hold on… I’m getting to it.

Now the party at the Ojai building is where all the Walker children were at, except for Justin who was too young. and is also the pivotal cyatalyst of the whole epsiode. Like I said, everyone slowly remembers the party after 25 years.

Here’s what went down: Sarah threw a party while her parents were away. Kitty had come and was getting drunk off wine coolers. Tommy who just got his brand new car, crashes the party and brings 14-year-old Kevin and Kevin’s friend, Aaron to the party. Tommy eventually goes out with his friend to get more beer. Kevin tries to stop him believing that Tommy had had too much to drink to be able to drive. We, the audience, believe that Tommy is the whole problem once again. We think he got a DUI and the kid in the car with him, got hurt and got paralayzed. Right? Wrong.

I should’ve thought to myself… think Jennifer, the writers wouldn’t use Tommy as a scapegoat once again. They already did that too much last season. Well we can get rid of Justin because he was too young in the flashback and scapegoat Tommy.  So is it the sisters or Kevin? Well to my surprise it’s Kevin and oh what poor Kevin did. Here we go…

Kevin remembers as he stands off the shipping dock of the Ojai building. The kid, Aaron, I so briefly mentioned in the beginning, is the kid who was paralyzed. How did it happen?  Well it was mentioned in the episode that Kevin was too young to believe he was gay at the time and in the flashback, that proves to be the case. Aaron comes on to him during the party when every one leaves and tries to kiss him. Kevin’s instinct is to hit Aaron, instead of kiss. One hit leads to a brawl and the brawl leads to Aaron losing his balance on a shipping platform and knocking his head on the cement.

Now what does this random Aaron character have to do with anything? Apparently everything.

Remember Dennis York wants to buy out Ojai from Nora and the rest of the Walkers because he wants to buy Narrow Lake? He is pressuring Nora that she has make her children give in their shares of Ojai to him and they have to do it soon.  You know how he’s doing this pressuring? By blackmailing Nora with the info pertaining to Aaron. He, Dennis who apparently was William’s right hand man in handling business, knows all about Aaron and William and Norah paying Aaron’s family off. What’s the big deal right?

The big deal is, that that none of the Walker children know what actually happened to Aaron. Kevin especially, was told that Aaron was fine because he was a fragile child. Nora wanted to keep it a secret so to keep her family together. If this lie comes out, none of her kids will trust her. Like she told Dennis, “what we did wasn’t illegal.” It was just trying to protect her children. Oh Norah, you know your children don’t deal with secrets so well.  This Aaron deal was Dennis’ leverage to buy Ojai to get to Narrow Lake.

Still us, viewers, scratch our heads going what is Narrow Lake? Well of course, Nora gets involved to figure out this plot point that has been bugging us for the past couple weeks, but interestingly enough, Holly helps out. They become Thelma and Louise.

They go into York’s hotel room and search it. They even end up stealing his car and track his last locations plugged into his GPS.   Eventually Nora while on their road trip, remembers the rest of the song with Narrow Lake that William made up.  “Let’s go out tonight for our own sake. An easy place like to Narrow Lake. With a pepper in your step and a gleam in your eye, we will follow the dream into our future, you and I.” ( Granted, some of the words might be off, since I couldn’t hear a few of them)  This song doesn’t really mean much…yet.

Anyway Nora and Holly end up visiting the old Ojai summer cabin on the way that the Walker family used on the way. Nora and Holly  find Justin and Rebecca in the middle of their honeymoon if you know what I mean.  That’s right! Justin and Rebecca decided early on in this episode to screw family because what was really important was each other. They both decide to elope and get married at City Hall. Justin surprised Rebecca for a Honeymoon at his old summer childhood cabin. Well it turns out, eventually the whole Walker family is dragged up to the cabin because of Norah’s fiasco of stealing the car. You see, the problem was Dennis York saw Nora and Holly steal the car.

So Nora and Holly end up in jail and are bailed out by Robert who first needs to take pictures of them behind bars for his own entertainment. Then the rest of the episode is a dinner in celebration for Justin and Rebecca’s marriage.

Oh wait a minute.. there are a couple things I have to say or I guess wrap up

– Kevin visits Aaron. Aaron wonders what took him so long. Kevin says he didn’t know. Aaron shares the real problem with the fight, Kevin being unable to deal with the time period that he was gay.  In the coming weeks, we will see how Kevin confront Norah about Williams’ feelings toward Kevin. Fun fact: Kevin is pretty much not talking to Norah, not really a surprise though.

– Kitty is cancer free. The writers made a nice analogy with cancer as a crap shoot. Like Kitty says, if she didn’t get it , someone else got her bad news.

– Kevin in his fit of rage and emotions, missed the second embroyo implantation with Scotty.

Narrow Lake is an anagram for Nora Walker. Clever… and kinda sweet in a weird way since William was a womanizer, but still loved his wife.

-We know where Narrow Lake is now. After a Honeymoon celebration, Justin whips out a map after a discussion about a penny souvenir he and Rebecca made close to the house. Holly uses York’s GPS coordinates to map out an area he circles. They come across an area of land by pepper trees. That’s a  call back to the song.  In the end of the episode, Holly and Nora stand at this area of land that is desolate and wonder why Dennis would want it. My mom says oil, I say I don’t know.

My own little bits that you all probably don’t care about after this long winded recap, but c’mon it was 2 hrs, it had to be long.

1. So, I spotted a pineapple in this episode. Ughh..I think I watch too much “Psych”

2. Kay Panabaker, really you show up again on an ABC show? Geez…

3. Uh flashback Tommy, you sound a lot like Balthazar Getty? I wonder if there’s some technology that uses both the actors’ voices.

4. Kevin, Matthew Rhys, you were fantastic in this episode. I loved him and his reaction at the loading dock. I love him expressing anger at Norah. It was just so good. I think we deserved a good central Kevin episodes. Kudos to Matthew and everyone for an awesome job!

5. Flashbacks: I loved the dark lighting in them to contrast the bright real time scenes.

Right like on my “Psych Discussions” I pick my favorite quotes and let’s just say Justin had the best ones of the night. Not showing any favoritism, but he did.

-Best funny one: “We must hold more meetings than the mob.”

– Best dramatic after Kevin’s speech: “You know what my favorite part was, Mom?” (When referring to their stays in the Ojai cabin) “When you would call us in from the backyard?…. Dad would be at the head of the table with all his stupid quizzes and word puzzles, but you, you would wanna know about our day and whatever crazy idea we had or whatever, you would listen. You made us feel like the most important people in the world.” AWWWWW!!!!

-Now for Kevin’s speech which really took the cake for everything that happened in this episode: [When toasting Justin and Rebecca] ” I guess if there’s one thing I learned recently is..uh..nothing makes sense in this world. It’s a mystery to me how anything happens, but it’s what we do about it, is what counts.”

This speech could be very close to tying with Juliet’s speech from “Psych” if you are familiar with it in my personal opinion.

Okay I think that’s enough of the Walkers for one night, but can I just say , I am super excited that we get a brand new episode next week after we already had two full hours tonight? Sweet!

-Let me know if anything needs to be cleared up if any of my discussion was unclear


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  1. I love this blog its awesome I am so glad I found it but I have only found this one how do I follow you and seem more of them 🙂

    • There should be a subscribe option when you leave a comment.

      My homepage with more B&S recaps and other tv shows are at ticketstubthis.wordpress.com

      I’m glad you are enjoying my blog!

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