Toy Story 3 is on the top of my Summer Movie Must Sees!

The only Disney Sequels I approve of  are the Toy Story movies, but maybe that’s because they are made by Pixar and Pixar can do no wrong. I fell in love with the first “Toy Story” in 1995. The sequel with Jesse came out in 1999. Its taken a little longer to get out “Toy Story 3”, but I’m not complaining. I’m  still getting another movie with Buzz and Woody. It’s a big kid’s dream come true. Actually it’s any kids dream come true.

Here’s the trailer that’s been out for a while.

Apparently theres no embed code… thanks youtube

Here’s the other trailer too…

Apparently I have to blame disneymovietrailers for no embed code… so thanks disney

And here’s the new clip I just saw yesterday and get this, I can embed this one!

I don’t think Pixar is going to dissapoint on June 18th…but I didn’t think they would.


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