“Glee” update on Oprah

Top Five things about “Glee” that I liked/disliked when they were on “Oprah”

1. Matt Morrison break dancing with Other Asian

2. A little bothered that Oprah couldn’t put the three  other kids from New Directions on the Stage. C’mon Oprah there was room for them on your stage.

3. Loved the John Burrough’s Routine

4. Also loved the New Directions Performance

5. As you know that I am a behind the scene’s junkie… I loved the backlot tour.

Here are some clips thanks to uploader msjblog.com on youtube!

Here’s the cast singing “Somebody to Love”

From Choirshow… John Burrough’s Performance

PopPrince82 uploaded Glee Q&A that I guess didn’t air on t.v. or I don’t remember seeing

P.S. For TOMS official barefoot day,  I went around my backyard barefoot, but not around my campus. I also went virtual barefoot on facebook.


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