Jesse James is in the Doghouse: Update on all the drama

Poor Sandra Bullock, that’s all I have to say. Here’s the update on the not-so-nice-soon-to-be-Ex-Husband-of-Ms.-Bullock.

According to People Magazine as of yesterday, Jesses James has checked himself into rehab for his problems.”Jesse checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with personal issues,” his rep said in a statement. “He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage.”

As my dad who loves Sandra Bullock says and what he overheard the other night from  some friends, what did in he check in for? Because stupidity has no cure.

To those who were counting on how many people he cheated with, his mistress count is up to five. Hey Jesse, do you and Tiger want to exchange numbers? Oh and also… Jesse’s Nazi picture came out, putting a bigger smile on the tabloids faces…

First here’s a quick lesson to all celebrities who like to do stupid things.  If you are to do something you aren’t supposed to be doing,… 1. Don’t do it 2. If  you are incapable of thinking and can’t follow step one, don’t do it around people with cameras…duh

Sandra Bullock has somehow avoided the Paparazzi and at the same time is in talks with a divorce lawyer. These are just rumors, though I wouldn’t doubt Sandra from taking this next step.

A lot of Hollywood including the funny friend of Sandra Bullock, Betty White, is giving her two cents on this situation.  She remains the great  lady we love and says according to,” I think that’s Sandy’s business; that’s not mine. I love her with all my heart. [She’s] one of the greatest human beings on the planet,” Betty said.”We’re all deeply, deeply saddened. At such a high-point in her life, it’s tough,” Betty said of the terrible timing for such devastating news to break, “but I think the less other people have to say about it and let her work it out, it is [for] the better.”

Bullock’s costar in “The Blind Side”, Tim McGraw also shared his thoughts on the whole situation in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in Canada and was quoted in, “I haven’t [reached out to Bullock]. You know, she’s got a lot on her plate… I just wish her nothing but the best.”

Sandra Bullock, if it matters you have this Long Island girl’s support in whatever you choose to do.

P.S. Jesse found Cinnabun who was missing… he was locked in a storage closet in Jesse’s bike shop by mistake. Nice one…


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