Feeling Fearless?: Taylor Swift

Alrightie time for a little country fun with a girl who comes from Pennsylvania. That’s right, I’m all about discussing today, the lovely Taylor Swift. As you know,  I love to discuss multiple things in this blog so here I go…

Taylor Swift + Taylor Lautner + Cory Monteith + food…

1. Bowling and Singing with Finn?

Taylor was seen out bowling with her disney sweetheart/ best friends, Selena Gomez. More importantly, she was also seen bowling with Cory Monteith of “Glee”. Rumors since the Grammy’s have been going around that Cory and Taylor are becoming close. You know what I mean.  Good news for Cory since he mentioned to “Us Weekly” in February that he had a crush on Taylor. Hey Cory, maybe Taylor will write a song about you.  Hopefully it’s a good one about how “Today was a Fairytale”… or something like that, you know it will be about castles or something.

Photocredit goes to Entertainmentwise.com
2. T-Squared made an Appearance, but as friends
Taylor Swift was seen having lunch with Taylor Lautner, her Ex, at Farm in Beverly Hills. Of course Mama Swift was there too having lunch with them. I’m confused, Mama has lunch with Taylor and Taylor, but doesn’t go bowling with Selena and Cory? I see her Mama playing favorites to a certain werewolf.
Photocredit: Celebrity-gossip.net
3. The Luck of The Irish combined with Friday the 13th
On St Paddy’s Day while the Irish were celebrating with a pint of Guiness, Ms. Swift was treated to an Italian dinner at Maggiano’s in Nashville. She was honored once again for her six-time platinum album “Fearless”.
Credit goes to the lovely people at “People Magazine”
Fun fact: Everyone got a 13 written on their hand before they sat down to dinner.
While the Irish have 17, Taylor has 13.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Fearless?: Taylor Swift

  1. I always laugh when I see Cory and Taylor together, only becuase the lyrics to her song Stay Beautiful are about a boy named CORY.

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