Bye Dr. Izzie: Katherine Heigl Leaving Grey’s

Dr. Izzie is finally checking out of Seattle Grace. Katherine Heigl confirmed in the headling story in”Entertainment Weekly” this week.

“I am done,” declares Heigl. “We just finalized our agreement. Everyone had been working really hard to find an amicable and gracious way of letting go and moving on. It’s sad but it’s what I wanted.”

The 31-year-old actress reveals that it was family issues, not her burgeoning film career, that prompted her to approach series creator Shonda Rhimes and ask to be let out of her contract 18 months early. “I started a family and it changed everything for me,” says Heigl, who took a three-month family leave from Grey’s this season to bond with her newly-adopted daughter, Naleigh. “It changed my desire to work full-time.”

Although she was scheduled to appear in this season’s final five episodes, that is no longer happening. As a result, the Jan. 21 episode was her last as Izzie. “I know I’m disappointing the fans,” she says. “I just had to make a choice. I hope I made the right one.”

Is this really a surprise to me? Not really. I kinda thought something was going on when Heigl emerged in L.A. other day with darker hair. I didn’t think Izzie would change her hair when and if she came back to Seattle Grace.

Reasons why it doesn’t surprise me:

First, T.R. Knight left and he is one of Katherine’s best friends.

Second, She had had a problem with Shonda Rhimes for awhile now. Remember the whole I don’t deserve an Emmy nomination because the writing has been complete crap for my character? Nice, right?

Third, she does have a new baby. Though I kinda like Ellen Pompeo’s approach to juggling being  a new mom and still Meredith Grey.

“Alot of people couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take my my maternity leave. I make a good living, but I won’t always make this kind of money. I felt I need to work while  I had this opportunity.” said Pompeo in this month’s “Self” magazine.

So long Izzie and to all your drama…. hello Alex and to dealing with all of his wife’s drama on the show. Now, that should be some good Grey’s.


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