Pack your Knives and go: “Top Chef”

A little bit of Top Chef info as my family and I are fan of the cooking show on “Bravo”.  Most viewers on Bravo are fans of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey, etc…” , but we are a fan of “Top Chef”. We were fan of “Project Runway”, but after that whole debacle with Lifetime, our alligance lies with Padma and Tom.

So news for you fellow “Top Chef” fans…

The new season will begin filming in Washington this spring. Why so late?

Probably has to do with Padma giving birth this past winter and taking care of her brand new daughter, Kirshna.

Kirshna is a miracle baby because Lakshmi never expected to get pregnant. She has endometriosis which often leads to infertility. Kirshna was born on February 20th in NYC.

Just recently, the father of Kirshna was kept a secret from the press. In the past weeks, word has come from a variety of sources including “People” that the father of her baby is Adam Dell, an adventure capitalist.

Meanwhile Kirshna turned a month old on March 20th. Apparently the little baby is keeping momma busy, but not to worry fellow top chefs, Padma will be returning to her hosting duties.

“Right now I’m not working, [but] when I go back to work I’ll have her with me,” she said to “People Magazine” at a Launch Event for Pamper diapers. “[My life] is totally centered on my nursing schedule. I sleep in short spurts. It’s pretty intense, but I’m lucky.

Congrats to the new momma and her new little baby! Can’t wait to see the new season of “Top Chef” and Padma in the summer!


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