Foehler or Pey?: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler News

I decided to combine these two hilarious woman into one post because let’s face it, they are an awesome comedic duo and they are best friends.

Amy Poehler News:

Amy Phoehler and her husband, Will Arnett, are expecting their second child together. Their adorable first child, Archie, is 16 months old.  Congratulations to the adorable funny family!

Tina Fey News:

I just read Tina Fey’s interview in Esquire and I thought it was hysterical. If you want to see another hilarious fun side of Fey, pick up a copy! Also, Tina looks gorgeous in the photos!

Here are some quotes about her daughter, Alice from the piece:

-My four-year-old daughter has a pretend hair-and-nail salon, and I was doing her hair and makeup. I said, “Hello ma’am. What’s your name? And what do you do?” And she said, “I get paid to dance at parties.” And I said, “Oh, no. That’s a terrible, terrible answer.”
She says she looks like Barack Obama. I think she heard so many people at that time saying I looked like Sarah Palin, I think she was just trying to get in on that. “I look like Barack Obama.” Okay. Sure.


My parents are going to be like, Why are you curse so much in the Esquire Article?

Obviously I left out the cursing bits, but it was so hysterical when she just says it.

Aren’t both of these ladies so fabulous and funny?


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