Monday Romance and Heartbreak in Hollywood

Hollywood is known for relationships to grow and then die out of nowhere. This weekend and even in the last hour, two couples have gained my interest.

1. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are finally a couple: Jemi

It’s no surprise that finally the middle JoBro and Lovato have emerged as a couple. It seems their “Camp Rock” romance has struck a chord in real life with them. Isn’t it funny that Selena and Demi are not friends anymore, but are dating in the same  family? Selena at the moment is working on her relationship with Nick. Demi has stepped out and confirmed that she is with Joe Jonas during this past weekend. Kevin Jonas however is already taken by Danielle Deleasa a.k.a Mrs. Kevin Jonas II. They married in December 2009. Frankie Jonas is, at the moment, the only single Jonas Brother left.

2. Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes have split: What????

The lovely and fabulous Kate Winslet has split with her husband of seven years. They have two children, Joe and Mia. Though I am saddened to see them split, I wish them the best of luck in keeping their family together despite their differences.


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