Eww…Oscar outfits that were not my favorite

I know there was an epic Psych finale and I want to discuss it, but I promised some more oscar fashion discussion and I’m no liar.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker: Lord, I didn’t expect something amazing. I know she’s Carrie from “Sex and The City”, but sometimes she didn’t have the best taste on the show either. I know the dress is Chanel couture and normally wearing Chanel, you can’t go wrong. Well, it did go wrong and it was oh so much worse when E! showed the dress constantly in the background. Once was eww, by the 15th time… I hated it. Congrats Ms. Parker, you are at the top of my list.

2. Charlize Theron: I know, I know…it’s fashion forward, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t  hate it. The dress was designed by Christian Dior.I liked the color, but you know what threw me… the placement of the roses. It depends. Sometimes I’m okay with this placement, but this time Theron’s dress didn’t make the cut.

3. Nicole Richie: You’re one of my favorite celebrities now because of your good comeback from the stupid days of “The Simple Life”.  You are quite the designer and a very good mommy, but this Reem Acra dress, just wasn’t putting you in good favor. I just didn’t like the color and the design. It just made her look old and drab, not fab.

4. Kathy Ireland: You bothered me in numerous ways. First, your broadcasting persona and movements were plain annoying and Second, your dress was making it even worst. It looked like a bad game of tetris, moving up and down the dress form.

5. Zoe Saldana: Netiyri, what did you do? The top of the dress was fabulous, but then the bottom was like a peacock gone crazy or something. Maybe if the colors weren’t so drastic, migrating from a nice purple to black, it might not have been too bad. The black at the bottom seemed to wear her down and she’s just so pretty. It was just a bad mistake. She loved the dress, but I’m hoping this was just overexcitment because it was her first oscars.

Confused Honoroable Mentions: Miley Cyrus and Kate Winslet, wait..what?

Oh Miley… you would be the one to be confused. Last Oscars, I hated your dress with the big bow in the front. I liked this Jenny Packham dress a lot but, the slouching..the slouching destroyed it so much. Miley, what are you slouching about? You’re at the Oscars…Jeez

And Kate Winslet… you are fabulous and I didn’t hate the dress,well maybe the color… I was just confused about your necklace. It was so long and I know you loved the necklace, but something was off. I know you have great taste and a great body so I forgive, just like I forgave Zoe because I know you will be back. Good thing you weren’t nominated that evening, just presenting.


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