Secrets make the world go round: “House: Private Lives”

So what do I do now since the Oscars and my movie marathon is over? Well first, discuss more t.v shows so off I go, remote and tivo on standby.

House, I’ve missed you and your snarky comments so let’s start discussing “Private Lives”, the fourteenth episode of this season.

The only problem I have with shows when they go on hiatus is I forget what happens. Last episode was a day in the life of Cuddy and I was slightly confused when I didn’t see Lisa Edelstein in the first five seconds and quickly realizing that we were back to the usual deal with “House”, a case that has to be solved.

The case about a blogger with black and blues illicited a couple reactions from me. One, I knew the song the producers used for this episode in the beginning when she is typing. It was “Chasing Pirates” by Norah Jones and I’m listening to it right now to get in the mood to right this discussion. Good choice of music, kudos producers.  Second, isn’t it a little funny that I’m blogging about a blogger who blogged about her whole life. It’s a good thing I only discuss are  t.v. shows, movies and celebrities.

Anyway my favorite tie in to this episode besides Wilson being in a Porno, was Chases’s whole image problem. The speed dating bet was great especially when House told Chase to lose his Australian accent and he still ended up with at least ten numbers. Poor Wilson though with all those sobbing women. Also with Chase and his pretty problem, I loved him going up to 13 and asking her, “Am I pretty?” and Thirteen kinda just looked at him as if he was crazy.  Jesse Spencer if you wanted to know, I think you are pretty.

Side note: I hope the writers don’t put Thirteen and Chase together… I kinda felt that in the episode at one point and got a little nervous. I heard Cameron returns for an episode toward the end of the season so that should be interesting.

I totally forgot about that House didn’t know his real dad. This is what happens when show writers introduced this problem in season five or earlier in season 6 and leads me to forgot about it. If the problem isn’t constantly around, I forget. What can I say? I did like the whole reasoning Wilson gave as to why House read the book. There’s gotta be someone out there who can match House’s wit.

So I have to say I am kinda getting sick of House solving the case in the last five minutes from an epiphany of talking to Wilson or Cuddy or Foreman. Granted, I know this has been happening for six seasons and I know he can’t solve it earlier because there would be so much extra time left over. I don’t know writers, try to surprise me. The way House solves the cases do surprise me because I have no knowledge of anything medical, but maybe not the” whole light bulb lighting up in his head and then hobbling off to the patient to tell them what their real illness is” deal.

And also Tivo, I’m having issues with you. Don’t cut off the last 3o seconds of the show and the preview for next week… it makes me very unhappy. I’m sure we will work out next monday.


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