That’s one job I would not apply for: “The Messenger”

So once again I think this movie deserves a salute to our troops and everything that they do whether it be serving on the battle field or delivering a grim result to family members. There isn’t just one battle field overseas, but multiple ones including in a soldier’s mind and back on their home land where they expect it to be safe.

“The Messenger” is a story about an Iraq soldier, Staff Sergeant William Montgomery played by Ben Foster,  who has 3 months left to serve. His new position is a tough one. He with Cpt. Tony Stone played by Woody Harrelson, must go to a deceased soldier’s home and let their next of kin know what has happened. They must remain emotionless when doing so.

Now this isn’t the whole movie… there is an interest from Montgomery in one of the widows which is completely unethical and immoral, but that doesn’t stop him.

This movie was very moving overall to see the different emotions elicited from the next of kin and how Stone and Montgomery would react.  Stone has been doing it for a while so he was used to some reactions while Montgomery was very new to all of these procedures.

My favorite scene was when Montgomery was pulled over for running a red light. Montgomery pretty much got out of the ticket but explaining to the police officer, ” what the heck, your job is easy. Sure pull me over, give me a ticket, but then how about you go tell so-so that their son is dead.” I thought that whole scene was carried out very well.

Harrelson’s character Cpt. Stone for which he is nominated for is interesting. His character comes off as one who has seen all, been there, done that. He’s Montgomery’s teacher on how to handle situations and pretty much, he doesn’t take any crap from anyone. In reality though, he’s not all tough as he appears to be. He tells Montgomery that all he wanted was to be shot at and he never was. The best reaction was when Montgomery explained what happened when he  was on the battle field and was called a hero for what he did when he thinks he shouldn’t be. When he walks away, you see the character of Stone break and like Montgomery, you watch silently observing a person exposed.

It’s a tough job to bring home bad news so like the men in “The Hurt Locker”, I salute the men and women who have this heavy responsibility on their shoulders.

Oscar Nominations:

1. Best Support Actor: Woody Harrelson

2. Best Screenplay:  Alessandro Camon and Oren Moverman


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