Tragically beautiful: “A Single Man”

I almost wasn’t able to go see “A Single Man” and that would have been a real shame.

This movie came out in December and was playing at my local theater probably until February so I thought I had plenty of time. Turns out, I was wrong and almost had to go into the city to go see it. Thankfully, as it’s Oscar weekend, it crept back into another theater close by. So thank you other theater.

After seeing “A Single Man”, I decided that it would stink to be an oscar movie vote because all the films have their own unique qualities. For example, I didn’t expect that “A Single Man” would have an such an emotional pull for me, but it did.

The story is about George Falconer, an English Professor who’s boyfriend, Jim, died 8 months ago in a car accident and he’s still trying to cope with it. Many people would be turned away from this film because a) it’s depressing or b) they are uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Colin Firth plays George Falconer and I’m slightly rooting for him to win the oscar. He won’t, but I wish he kinda would because the emotion he put into this role was unbelievable. Every little action you knew what he was thinking, feeling and how he was still hurting. The first scene was particularly powerful when he found out about Jim’s death and wanted to fly out for the funeral, but due to the time period, he was told it was only for “family member only.” Jim and George had been together for 16 years, but Jim’s family didn’t accept this as an answer.  It was so great how Tom Ford shuttered back between reality and 8 months ago. When he looked at a picture, it shuttered back to that time or when he saw a dog that reminded him of he and Jim’s dog.

Also Tom Ford, I know I’m normally against celebrities doing multiple things such as “I’m an actress and a singer”, but Mr. Ford, keep being a fashion designer and a director. I can’t get over that this is his first time directing. Also of course, Colin Firth looked fabulous in his suits. I kinda wish today’s society would dress up more like in the 50’s and 60’s where everyone always looked so fabulous and put together.

My favorite thing that Mr. Ford did in this film was the constant reminder of clocks and how slowly time passed by. It showed what time of day it was, but it also showed how each minute meant nothing to George because without Jim, life was nothing. The constant looking to see if time moved and realizing it didn’t showed how much it took George Falconer to get through the day. Also loved the extreme close ups of the eyes, the mouths and everything else that George was intently looking at, silently observing and find answers through.

The ending… I’m not gonna say anything, but it was brilliant. Go see this film and agree with me that Tom Ford should keep his day job of designing, but also keep his new night job of directing. The story, the actors, the editing.. everything was so tragically beautiful to show that time slowly ticks by without your loved ones. That was the real tragedy for George, to live each day without his soulmate.

Oscar Nominations:  Best Actor Colin Firth

Really Tom Ford you didn’t get a nomination? Shame on you oscar voting community….


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