Not so lovely after all: “The Lovely Bones”

“The Lovely Bones” got mixed emotions when it first came out and after watching it I can completly understand why.

*Spoilers once again*

Peter Jackson, the director of “The Lovely Bones” likes to use special effects. That’s not news to anyone especially if you are familiar with his “Lord of The Rings” trilogy and his “King Kong”. The thing was this movie is sensitive material and he can’t just make it all about the special effects.. which he kinda did.

The In-between world, between Earth and Heaven is a beautiful place, but also it’s ever changing to express Susie Salmon’s emotions. That’s probably why I liked it when she was there. Also it was probably because I didn’t want to see creepy Stanley Tucci.

The whole story was new to me since I never read the book. Let’s just say, I wasn’t happy with the way it ended, but the truth is everything doesn’t end with a happy ending. Life isn’t a storybook with happily ever after and I think I had to come to terms with that. Don’t worry, I did curse angrily at the screen for a good couple of minutes.  It bothered me that a) Susie’s sister, Lindsey, didn’t tell anyone after she found out that Mr. Harvey did it. Reason for this is because her family had found peace at least. Whatever I still I wanted her to do something…. b) umm… Susie using the body of the Connors girl to get her first and only kiss..kinda creepy not gonna lie. c) uhh that Mr. Harvey  was never caught.   There, I’m done with my rant of why I was annoyed at this movie.

What I did like was the way Jackson knows how to transition a shot or maybe I should say his editor of the film does. For example: When George Harvey creaks open the door of the dollhouse and then it switches to a shot of Susie’s house of a door opening with the same creak. Another example is when the snow is falling on the flower in Susie’s dream world to the snow falling in the snow globe at her house.  Good job Mr. Editor.

Another shot that I liked was in the beginning when Mr. Harvey persuaded Susie to join him. On his side, the left side of the screen, the sky is dark and cloudy with a looming forest in the background. On her side, the right side of the screen, her home and her town full of color and brightness. It was just a good stark contrast and it just captured the whole tone of the movie. Really beautiful and eerie at the same time.

The special effects that were my favorite were the glass ships breaking to resemble what was happening in Susie’s home and also the gazebo rotting and breaking away when her father was getting beaten up.

The cast was very good. The dad was Mark Wahlberg and the mother was Rachel Weisz. Word on the gossip rags was that they didn’t get along on set, but I couldn’t see that evidence on screen. I thought they were both wonderful in their parts. The drinking, smoking grandma played by Susan Sarandon was fantastic in my mind because she was a breath of fresh air and comic relief during this very heavy movie.

Susie Salmon was played by Saoirse Ronan who was in “Atonement” as the girl I hated, Briony because she was the one who destroyed Keira Knightley and James McAvoy’s romance. She was also nominated for an Oscar 2 years ago.  She’s definitely an actress no one has ever seen and I’m pretty damn sure that she’ll stick around for awhile.

After watching Stanley Tucci has George Harvey, the creepy killer with creepy mustache and creepy everything else, I kinda wanted to curl up and watch “Devil Wears Prada” or “Julie and Julia” to remember that Tucci is indeed an actor and not a killer.  I heard that this role disturbed him as it should and I’m very glad that he wasn’t affected like Heath Ledger was with his role as the joker.

Susie’s kiss was her ending to moving on, but “Lovely Bones” left more to be desired, mainly I wanted the killer to die right there and now by the hand of her dad and family.

Oscar nominations:  Best Supporting Actor: Stanley Tucci


2 thoughts on “Not so lovely after all: “The Lovely Bones”

  1. “Word on the gossip rags was that they didn’t get along on set, but I couldn’t see that evidence on screen. ”

    Really? Can you provide a link to those gossip rags? Because the only place i saw that gossip is from a site that is not even considered a rag but someones ramblings on a blog.

    • I’ll let you know, when I can locate it. I saw it in passing in one of my magazines so hopefully it’s still around. Don’t worry, I check my sources on what’s good info.

      Thanks for commenting.

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