Prawns a.k.a Coackroaches a.k.a I’m confused: “District 9”

Okay pretty much “District 9” was kinda wtf for me. I didn’t know what to expect out of this movie. Okay it was nominated for best picture. Granted, the best picture category has been opened up to 10 films which let District 9, a sci-fi drama get in.

*Spoilers again*

So I was impressed how the movie was set up. It could have been horrible wrong if it was done like the “War of the Worlds” remake, but it wasn’t. It was set up like a documentary-esque which I think helped it alot. It gave a whole different spin on a sci-fi movie with the generic alien taken over.

I think why it impressed me was the story line and how it slightly resembled society we used to live in and still do in some sense. Sure this film is in the future, but here’s the age old saying, “history repeats itself”. Cue montage of concentration camps in WWII and Civil Rights era. The Prawns are “the others”. The group that the humans hate. Like that hasn’t happened before with the whole them v. us mentality.

I also liked how the “Prawns” weren’t barbaric creatures…they were pretty damn smart. Though they did have a fondness for cat food. That made me raise an eyebrow and say really , a couple times. I do have to say, I love the baby prawn. It was adorable cute at all with wanting to go back to home he’s never known.

It was also interesting, but not that all unique to see the humans change their relationship with Wikus Van De Merwe after he became infected and got a clawish prawn. I loved though when Christopher the Prawn was totally annoyed that a) it wasn’t a bomb or a weapon. It was b) way to get back home. This problem could have been solve if Van De Merwe had totally waited an extra day to evict all the prawns.

Good to see Wikus Van De Merwe had a heart for the Prawns when he learned their real plan . Very impressed that he wasn’t coward and turn back for Chrisopher. I totally took him for the coward type. It was nice to some camaraderie between man and prawn.

Loved the ending with the flower… it was bittersweet in a way.

It was a different type of movie and hell, I might even watch the sequel because you know there’s gonna be one.

Oscar Nominations:

1. Best Achievement in Editing: Julian Clarke

2. Best Achievement in Visual Effects: Dan Kaufman, Peter Muyzers, Robert Habros,  Matt Aitken

3. Best Picture

4. Best Screenplay: Neil Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell


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