Spit out a Crazy Theory Process: “The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode”

Psych-O’s, weren’t you so glad that good old Psych had all its delicious flavor that we love, return last night? “The Head, The Tail, the Whole Damn Episode” was directed by Matt Shakman and written by Steve Franks and Tim Meltreger. Franks had hinted over the past season that he wanted to do an episode with homage to “Jaws”. Well there you go, Mr. Franks you got your episode and let’s just say I throughly enjoyed it.

Before I begin even further, I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen “Jaws”. The first time I tried to watch it, I was terrified of it because I was like ten or something. Don’t worry my mom laughed and helped spot out all the references to the shark movie. One of these days, I’ll see it.

Flashback: I appreciated Shakman’s use of the camera in the water. Very Shark POV and from what I saw of the two minutes of “Jaws” before I closed my eyes, I remember shots just like that in it. So very nice reference that I was able to understand.

This episode was great because who doesn’t love a good Lassie centric episode or shall I say, Detective Dipstick? I was kinda a fan of Officer Whoopise too. I love that name and I love the fact that Shawn had copyrighted that name two months ago. That’s why I love Shawn because he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to do it.

That whole scene in SBPD had so many good parts that included Shassie, Sharlton, the spit out a crazy theory process and Gus responding to Lassiter, “How do you think we stayed in business for four years?”

Lassiter and his relationship with Juliet O’Hara is starting to mirror that of Shawn and Gus,albeit maybe not with the fist bumps and reading each others mind, but it’s still there and I approve. I especially loved the whole run of shut it especially Juliet’s response the second time around. “If you tell me to shut it one more time, I might have to shoot you.” I see Lassie is starting to rub off on her. She’s becoming very trigger happy.  Also I love how Juliet has all this hidden knowledge about fishing, let’s not forget that she knows quite a bit of baseball knowledge. You go, Juliet!

Another relationship that keeps developing in a good way is Shawn’s relationship with his dad. In the first episode, it was pretty clear they hated each other. Now it’s been over 60 episodes, four years, and they are developing a system. Whenever Shawn gets in a tough situation with a case, he calls up his dad and tries to finagle an answer out of him. Shawn’s still his jumpy self and Henry is still a very critical father, but I think they are starting to find a happy medium. I thought Corbin Bernsen was wonderful in this episode and it was good to see him for more than just the flashback. P.S. You knew he was going to be the one that caught the shark.

Also two quick questions I would like to pose: 1) If Lassiter, Juliet, Shawn and Gus needed a boat, why didn’t they just borrow Henry’s boat? They’ve used it before. 2) At the end of the episode, Shawn asks Gus if he knows how to drive Tanner’s boat, but doesn’t Shawn know how to drive a boat such as in the Shabby Episode… maybe he only knows how to drive his dad’s boat.

You know who also was spot on in this episode besides the rest of the cast, Dule Hill. He was terrific with the whole gag reflex thing and “iron side stomach”. Also enjoyable is Hill’s performance when he says “I don’t know” and “I don’t care” in a high pitched voice. Had me laughing quite hard. It was also nice to see the return of the super sniffer and Gus being the solution to Shawn’s visions for example his safe cracking in “60 million years off” and “Gus’ dad may have killed an old guy.” Gus was also great for throwing the fish at Shawn and hitting Tanner over the head. Did you also notice that Gus is the only one that knows obscure words such as ferroequinologist, paleontologist and the latin name for the tiger shark? My mom and my sister would also like to point out: Gus is fit…hehe

Psych is probably the one show that likes to reference their own show and their episdoes. I can’t help it but adore it when they do it especially when Shawn tries to rattle them off.  Some references included 9 lives, Weekend Warriors, Six Feet Under the Sea,Game Set …Muurder?, Let’s Get Hairy and Any Given Friday Night 10PM,9PM central.  

Favorite scene of the night was in Henry’s house where Shawn and Gus try to get the Shark from Henry and Lassiter shows up.  Every time they said a line, it brought a laugh out of me. It was awesome. That whole scene summed up the episode: It was awesome.

Side notes:

  • I love James Roday’s sound effects he uses to demonstrate the killing of victims.
  • Coroner guy is growing on me: I love how he calls Lassiter, Lassie and that he draws on the dead body
  • Dramamine: I think these were subtle hints that someone doesn’t like boats… Psychwrites said on twitter that Roday didn’t do so well on the boat.
  • Psych-Out: It was so funny and it only makes me want to sneak onto the psych set more and hang out with everyone
  • beflusterment.. they should use confuzzlement next, my friend and mine’s favorite made up word

Favorite Quotes:

1. “Hey, haven’t seen that thing in two years.” – This was just funny because it was so true. I love how Psych can just make fun of themselves.

2. “…hunt some Marlins.” “Waynes? Get out there, quick before they make another white chicks.” – This just came out so easily and so funny that it had to be up on this list.

3. “Did you just pretend to be a psychic, to me?”- soo good once again. Also love the facebook line.

4. Lassiter: “Banks are not knocked ( I don’t know what the word was here) over by crazy angry cats with laser beams”

Shawn: ” I never said they were angry, they were just following orders.” – hehe

AND OMG “MR. YIN PRESENTS” is next week! I need to watch some hitchcock this weekend to catch up. Roday co-wrote and directed it and I love his episodes so I know it will be awesome.


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