Are you out of your Vulcan Mind?: “Star Trek”

Okay going into this movie, I knew I was no Trekkie.  I might be a devote Harry Potter follower or  knowledgable in X-Men and Star Wars material, but I have never been a Star Trek fan. I gave it a shot and it impressed me to some extent.

Probably for the first ten minutes of the film, I was confused. Most people know the back story to Star Trek, alas I did not. That’s probably why I was confused. Eventually I caught up and got dragged into this world.

I love the beginning with Jim Kirk driving the old car. It was pretty awesome and set it up nicely to what kinda of character he is and what kinda of world he lived in. I  of course was pleasantly surprised to see Earth still intact, but I’m sure all Trekkies knew that Earth was still homebase.

This movie was a good action/sci-fi movie. It had all the little things that make it work well. The special effects were pretty awesome as I hoped they would be. Let’s face it, our world has seen the work of George Lucas’ films along with James Cameron’s Pandora world to expect some awesome work. So I was not disappointed in that department.

Speaking of James Cameron’s Avatar, wasn’t it a treat for me to see Zoe Saldana in it as Spock’s love interest?  I, of course didn’t recognize her at first as she was not dressed full in her avatar gear. Also props to Zachary Quinto for shaving his eyebrows like that for this movie. Now that shows devotion.

Chris Pine was also was fantastic. Maybe I was swayed by his attitude and good looks, but I wonder what the Trekkies thought of him doing a new version of Cpt. Kirk who was originally played by the one and only, William Shatner.

Also kinda a favorite in this movie was Scottish Scotty played by Simon Pegg. Once again, accents kinda win me over.

Oscars nominations: Best Achievement in Makeup, Visual Effects, Sound and Sound Editing. I’m rooting for some sound and sound editing because come on people, you have to make up your own sounds for your own space world. Still you could possibly borrow some sound effects from Star Wars, but those are different worlds right?  Don’t worry I’m slowly learning.

All in all, Live, Long and Prosper.

Oscar Nominations:

1. Best Achievement in Makeup: Barney Burman, Mindy Hall, Joel Harlow

2. Best Achievement in Sound: Anna Behlmer, Andy Nelson, Peter J. Devlin

3. Best Achievement in Sound Editing: Mark P. Stoeckinger and Alan Rankin

4. Best Achievement in Visual Effects: Roger Guyett, Russell Earl, Paul Kavanagh and Burt Dalton


3 thoughts on “Are you out of your Vulcan Mind?: “Star Trek”

  1. I would like to comment on your review in the order it’s written =)
    1) The Backstory: The whole idea of the movie is that they’ve created a completely new timeline with a *whole* different story. When Nero went back in time and killed George Kirk, as well as his Captain, the entire story line of the original Star Trek series was changed. Because his dad was dead, James T Kirk grew up differently, entered the Academy for different reasons, and ended up being Captain of the Enterprise in a very very different way. He’s a great Captain in each time line, but for different reasons. If you remember, original Spock (Nimoy) was shocked that young Spock (Quinto) was Captain AND that he marooned Kirk.

    They have effectively created new, but the same characters. Much of the original stuff is there (like Scotty losing Admiral Archer’s dog), but the characters are kind of altered (Kirk is quite different behaviorally AND Spock is more in touch with his emotions and involved with Uhura, which is strange).

    The purpose of this movie was to recreate the original Star Trek series for a new generation of fans =)

    2) It’s amazing how much Zachary Quinto looks like Leonard Nimoy!! And he did an awesome job as Spock!

    3) Chris Pine also did a fantastic job. On the subject of the characters: everyone did a fantastic job embodying their characters, but with their own take on them. I mean, whenever I saw someone on screen, I knew immediately who they were in the original series. I also saw the original character in them, but their interpretations just enhanced the character in a different way, making it even more interesting for me to watch!

    Like Kirk. He’s a great example. In the original series, Kirk grew up with his father alive, entered the Academy because he wanted to, and became Captain at a normal pace. He was very by-the-book and only took risks after considering every consequence and knowing with he, the crew, and his ship could handle. The new Kirk, the Pine Kirk, is more throw-the-book-out-the-window, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants, and willing to defy the rules just because he can, not because he always knows it’ll end up in his favor (like the Shatner Kirk).

    But, holy moly, everyone was amazing in their character.

    You know, I was shocked that Kirk was only seen hooking up with one character! haha! He was known in the original for all of his flings with every alien woman (and sometimes the women on his ship) that he came across.

    • Thanks one for reading my blog! I totally forgot that you are a trekkie! Thanks so much for clearing so much up and I’ll be sure if I do anything star trek I’ll take you along to explain everything to me. 🙂

      • I love your blog! It’s so professional =) And I enjoy reading your movie reviews!

        Yeah, I just wanted to give you a Star Trek pov, but I loved reading a non-trekkie’s thoughts. See, my roommates saw it with me, but they don’t think journalistically, so they didn’t give me the feedback I was looking for! haha!! So, it was great to read what you thought.

        And of course, I would be happy to join you on any Star Trek venture you do take! But, a warning, I know the Original Series very well, The Next Generation kind of okay-ish [haven’t seen it in a while =( ) and, I don’t know too much else about Deep Space 9 or Enterprise, or many of the movies. A lot of my Star Trek knowledge is a little muddled because I was little when I watched everything.

        I’m currently working my way through the original series again, then I’m going to work on rewatching TNG!! So excited!

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