I would like some Skittles with my “Psych”

It’s Thursday and you know what that means.. it’s Psych time.

“Think Tank” was directed by Steven Surjik and written by Andy Berman and Steve Franks. I thought it wasn’t their best episode. It was good, but I wasn’t laughing as much. I was slightly poking the episode trying to see if it had any witty banter left. Still I didn’t hate it. It’s Pysch, you can’t hate Psych. Also it was Berman’s birthday yesterday so I can’t hate someone’s work on their birthday. It’s a rule in my book.

Flashback: Charlotte’s web, ’nuff said. I asked myself which pig died? Was it Wilbur or Babe that died? Obviously Henry confirmed that indeed Wilbur is the one that dies. “If you get an A on this report, I’ll take you to disneyland”… I love Henry’s parenting skills.

Regular Time ( There needs to be another word for that…Regularback?):  I’m not a  fan when Shawn is off his game. It bums me out. If he has a photographic memory, shouldn’t he be spot on. Granted, he does get adhd and can’t focus at times so there might be the error for him. I love how Henry stepped in and asked Shawn, really? Are you so sure?  Shawn and the pizza dough.. hehe that entertained me.

I got a little nervous when Henry was talking to Shawn and Gus outside because the Chief wasn’t that far away. Luckily Shawn quieted him down. Walter Snowden( Christopher Sarandon).. can we say creepy how much he knew about Shawn and Gus? Even creepier when you watch the rest of the episode and you find out he’s the bad guy. Terrific, right?

Shawn’s requests reminded me of “Gus walks into a Bank” when Shawn made sure that the guy made a list of outrageous demands. Skittles, check. NBA Airhorn, check. Trampoline, on its way. Awesome.

The Think Tank’s meetings best part was Shawn making a giraffe/lochness monster out of big chew and his idea of an electric sponge. Electric sponge? Get clean and get electrocuted! Also the pillow comb… I think I am a fan of that idea the first time he said it. The second and the third, maybe not as much.

I was getting a little concerned when Shawn and Gus were in the meeting. I thought I was not going to get my SBPD detectives in it, but of course Franks and Bermand don’t disappoint me on that point. Lassie shows up when Shawn and Gus needs some help. Tim is awesome with his expressions, acting like a little kid because he wasn’t put on the security team. Also loved, Shawn thinking the situation over and saying.. crap. The way he said it was perfect.

Why didn’t Shawn see that the security thing was a fake? I guess he was too excited about his skittles and his trampoline to realize. It’s okay. I forgive you. Just don’t do it again.

The Chief, Kirsten Nelson was spot on and fabulous. I missed her in the last episode and I am glad she has come back with some good lines and being all Chiefy.

Question: Boyd was paid 9500, but said it wasnt about the money. Shouldn’t this have given us the hint that he was one of the bad guys? Hmm…

Shawn’s overall Shawn-itude in general was bad in this episode.  First, Think tank meeting, eh. Second meeting of Think Tank as leader, very bad. I thought he worked well under pressure. Third Shawn’s speech. It wasn’t my favorite Shawn moment. It seemed a little forced and like Gus and Lassiter, I thought during this episode, what the hell is he doing? Shawn in last episode, come back to me.

Lassiter and Jules being all detectivey was what I needed to balance out the episode. It made me anxious. and not as anxious like Yang or last week’s anxious, but it was still there. It helped move the episode along.

Also I loved the bad guys reaction to Shawn’s behavior. “I thought you were an idiot.”

In the end at least Shawn followed Bonaventure into the car…It could have been the worst since Shawn is slightly off on his game in this episode.

Okay  so the USA administrator on the Psych message boards sometimes drops hints and one was that Henry’s conflict would be a part of “Mr. Yin Presents”( the finale for Season 4)  So either 1) he comes on as a liason even though he said he wouldn’t 2) Karen said he retired early and the Pysch-O’s chimed in that in the Yang episode, Henry said that the last time Yang was out, “Karen, need I remind you what happened with the last detective?” Karen: He lost and an innocent girl died.” Hmm… maybe Henry was involved because he did retire early.

The last scene on “Think Tank’s Episode” showed  some good old banter which I was missing in this episode. Hopefully it will be here to stay for next weeks episode.

Side notes:

-Shawnito Rodriguez: I found this funny because Roday’s real last name is Rodriguez before he changed it.

-Psychout: I highly enjoyed it. Probably the best part.

-Iris’s picture behind Nelson’s shoulder when talking to Henry: Shouldn’t it be an older one since Iris is like 4 years old?

-Ashton Bonaventure: He really wanted to make this speech at all costs, did it have any importance? I learned from reading Harry Potter when a character is interrupted, it usually means something important. Maybe it doesn’t,  maybe I’m over thinking it or maybe it dose mean something.

-Psychwrites on twitter said that this was the last episode they shot so maybe the cast and crew were tired. I don’t know sometimes you have an off day.

Quotes Podium (last week of the Olympics)

  • Gold: “Gus, they might as well be talking australian.”
  • Silver: “Spencer, I’m not gonna say I’m not gonna hold it over your head forever because I am.” Lassie’s smirk help win this quote over.
  • Bronze: “I’ll hold. I love holding.” – this just reminded me of the friends episode were Phoebe waited patiently on hold forever.

At least we have Lassiter and Sharky next week. Yeah!


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