Shules…I’ve missed you!

Okay so I’m a bit behind on my recap because it was tough to get around to my second viewing of Psych. First watching is for pure enjoyment and second viewing is still for enjoyment, but involves alot of pausing, rewinding and note taking. That’s right I’m taking a class on the show of Psych. Be jealous…

Let’s get started:

The basic information that  I fill obliged to give is as follows.  This episode is titled “Death is in the Air” and was written by Bill Callahan and Anupam Nigam. This was Nigam’s last episode. That’s quite sad, but Nigam, if you don’t want your spot, can I please take it instead? Good luck on whatever you continue to do! Your episodes were awesome! This episode was also directed by Stephen Surjik. He directed one of my favorites: “Lassie Did a bad, bad thing”

The flashback as always make me giggle especially this one. Poor Henry because we know Shawn is a handful. Great line about the comb. I also hope it wasn’t too cold in Vancouver when they shot that scene or at least the water was warm.

So it’s onto Shawn in his 30’s and let’s just say Shawn has greatly appreciated his break away from Abigail who is in Uganda. He can wear comfy clothes, he can eat corn nuts and he can change his ringtone back to “rump shaker” by Wreckx-N-Effect!. Gus hates all the above. My question is, is he still with Abigail because she is returning for the finale or so I’m finding out? So I guess, he’s taking a break from Abigail, but if you think about, he doesn’t really wanna be back on the market since he’s eating smelly food and wearing sweatshirts.

Point taken when Juliet appears and Shawn chucks his smelly food. He’s also jealous of Juliet again going on  a date. C’mon Shawn, jealousy is not becoming. If you want her…. wait I’m getting a head of myself and all the schules at the end of the episode. Also if you are asking what schules is and you are reading my blog about Psych than I’m confused. Reading a blog on a specific Psych episode kinda guarantees you know basic Psych lingo. Here I’ll be nice: Shawn+Jules=Shules also Shawn +Abigail= Shabigail

The Thornberg virius appears when Donnie Liberman (Ernie Grunwald) says he got a little drunk and a little unlucky and lost the cooler that contains not a penis (that’s a grey’s anatomys little joke that I just wanted to put in, ignore it), but the thornberg virius which is what Gus calls a racist virus because it affects african american people greatly.

During the time of the reference of Thornbirds, my mom tried to explain it to me. I proceeded to shush her as not to miss any of Shawn and Gus.

Meet up by the convenience store with Jules and Lassiter had me smiling. It’s always good to get the four of them together. Shawn is right, hazmat does not sound like a real word, but it is and thus funny. Also Patrick Dempsey quote is on my favorite quotes of the night, see below.

Once again Shawn and I have something in common besides our short attention spans and constantly touching things for example him touching all the hula girls at the hotel bar, it is both of us messing up on phrases. He says dead as a bag of rocks, when it is really dumb as a bead of rocks. My memorable mess up phrase in my house: don’t flip a casket when it is really don’t blow a gasket. You know what, we’ve heard it both ways.

Shower scene was amazing and so funny. All the characters were on their marks. Lassiter hates it. Gus is uncomfortable and annoyed. He is also the only one wearing sandals in the shower.  Juliet doesn’t mind and is just laughing at her partner being angry and Shawn being Shawn. Lastly Shawn is shampooing with Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo. No tears… totally understandable. Also Buzz smiling… who doesnt love a good moment between Buzz and Lassiter?

Judd Nelson was great as Dr Steven Reidman with wanting to measure Gus’s goober head and Shawn’s DNA. Kudos for following that up in the end. Also I guess if you carry a stethoscope you would be a doctor in Shawn’s eyes.

Axe line: I would like to differ. It is not catnip for women or at least for me because it is a reminder of high school for me of pubescent boy dousing themselves in it. I have an aversion to it now.

The lab is two hrs away and so is Lake Victoria…question is why is everything two hours away? I guess one hour was two short and three hours seemed unreasonable.

It’s always good when Shawn and Gus get to put on costumes such as in “High Noonish”. They are big kids after all who love to play in the costume box. Pretending to be astronauts is the perfect option when hazmat suits come into play. Also when they are interviewing the patients, loved how Gus was trying to be all slick and Shawn was pretending to be in orbit.  The phone going off is also a sign that Shawn has the worst placement and usage of his phone. Either it’s not on silent or in some unreachable location.  The corn nuts also come back. They must smell pretty bad if Gus trying to choose between Shawn’s  “nacho cheese heaven” and someting trying to kill him. I like how they said they don’t have four hrs to riff on it,  though we do however  have 45 mins in the episode.

The lab technician who looked liked Christopher Lloyd, you need to come back. Your little clap was precious and so were you lines. Also thank you film class and Prof. de Seife,for  letting me understand the clock tower reference. I know. How did I go that long without seeing “Back to the Future”, I don’t know…moving on.

So when they found  out abot Dr. Mallon, I heard an interesting choice of soundtrack music, a lot of horns I think. I don’t know, not a music major… point being, it sounds different… am I liking it? Not so sure, get back to me when you use it in the next episode.

Okay I’m jumping around and I apologize. I wanna finish my sountrack discussion because it always catches my attention. The chase with Dr. Mallon brought the “An Evening with Mr. Yang” music back and do I have to remind you how much I love it? Probably, because you didn’t know I loved it. Well know you do. I have dubbed that music, “YingYang Music”

Back to the storyline and the characters.  When Lassiter was not willing to let Juliet do the manhunt reminded me of the episode, “If you are so smart, then why are you dead.” How many rules did Lassie have? That’s right 638. I guess he wasn’t done. Anytime Juliet and Lassiter are trying to top one another is a good time. I love it that Juliet shouts out “Virus!” to get her point across.

Tungsten and Lassie breaking the lightbulb made me panic and then laugh. It’s okay Lassiter I would have panicked too.

Chase scene is back in the discussion for a quick second: My sister and I loved the man’s face, I guess he was indian, not sure, when they ran past him. Hilarious, good job extra!

So when they find Dr. Mallon at the Hospital, I was at first me being dumb and asked myself why they were on the the other side of the glass partition? Duh.. the virus is contagious, Jennifer. Also being me, I was particularly intrigued by the cabinet thing that opened to both sides of the wall. I don’t know why, it just fascinated me and I am easily amused.

Okay jumping past the initial shock that Juliet might have the Thornberg virus, the whole dog complication at Lake Victoria with Lassiter and Shawn was awesome, wasn’t it? I’m not gonna quote it, because I just loved the whole conversation and this blog is already getting long and I haven’t even gotten to Schules discussion. Quick question: Softball equipment, wouldn’t there be a softball in there to throw to the dog instead of distracting him? Though it was funnier to see Shawn screaming and the dog probaby wouldn’t have been fazed by a softball.

Now it’s Shules time! Okay I love both of them so I’m biased about how awww it was. The cereal box prize quote was sweet wasn’t it?

Though I know there’s a big discussion on the message boards that if Juliet was the prize, wasn’t she worth the wait? Wouldn’t it be insulting if he didn’t wait? “I don’t wanna miss out on the prize.”   My take on it is was that like Shawn said he was sick of waiting and like a a little play on Juliet’s speech in “An evening with Mr. Yang”, she said she isn’t going to wait for ever. Okay so it could mean that was about Abigail because thats who they were talking about, but deep down we all know she was talking about herself. Or maybe it was me thinking that. Whatever, there was so much awww in it especially when Shawn fumbled for his words. Roday did an awesome job of expressing of the type of character Shawn is. Shawn is always laughing, but when certain things matter the most to him, he is very vulnerable. Again look at “Yang” episode.

Next point of this Shules moment is that people were annoyed that Gus interrupted. Case in point, Gus was doing what he knew was right. He has been friends with Shawn for so long that he knows that Shawn could be just doing it because he thought Juliet was dying. Gus was just protecting his friend and was playing the friend card to a “t”.

Obviously when they get interrupted by Lassiter this time, Juliet knows what’s going on when Shawn replies “I don’t know.” This is what makes this couple so interesting.  Some said when they got together, it’s the end of the show with a predictable couple, but  I’m gonna say no.  A big fat no.

Side notes:

  • Tiki torches… another reminder of Disney World for Franks and his fellow castmembers, maybe for the tiki room? I dunno. Well that’s what I thought.
  • Also Franks, I too love cereal.
  • Hotel room number: 106 t0 mom says its wasn’t close.. I said at least it was on the same floor.
  • Val kilmer.. another favorite of theirs to mention is back…
  • Episode ends with a Shawn yell from Gus.
  • the Psych cast has filthy mouths on the Psych-Outs and it’s hysterical. Watch the full one online to see Lawson laughing and saying “that’s my boyfriend” during a particularly filthy one.
  • Lack of Chief and Henry: boo

Quotes Podium in honor of the Olympics:

Gold: “Oh my god! I’m not going to die in this disgusting robe!” – Juliet, I totally agree with that!

Silver:” I used to practice figure skating there when i was little… I mean ice hockey” – Oh Lassie, your words are priceless

Bronze: “Don’t worry it likes white people.” – A great Gus line still annoyed that the virus is racist.

No medal but worth mention: Patrick Dempsey Quote (It started up as gold but the other contenders hadn’t gone yet)

G: “He has an irrational fear of patrick dempsey.”

S: “Its very rational. Its rational. Have either of you watched Greys Anatamoy? The man is complete terrifying.”

J: “You’re just jealous of his hair.”

G: “There’s only that.”

S: “Well there’s that.”

-There were so many more, but alas this blog has already gone too long. Maybe another time.

Next week: “Think Tank”… Come on wednesday!


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