A harsh, but “Precious” truth

Okay so I knew I was coming to the harder movies that wouldn’t be all fun and games. Let’s face it most Oscar movies aren’t full of sunshine and rainbows, it’s hard stuff to watch. So I buckled down to watch Lee Daniel’s film, Precious: based on the Novel Push by Sapphire and let me just say, it makes me realize how happy I am for what I have.

Gabourey Sidibe went to this audition on a whim because her friend told her she had to go. In this movie, I couldn’t tell that this was her first acting job. I thought she was fantastic. I felt for her and I just wanted to watch her kids for her. I was pulled into her tragic world and realized that there are so many families out there just like Precious.

On the other hand, I wanted to hurt the mother character, Mary, that Mo’Nique played. When I watched all the award shows and I saw her winning them, I couldn’t understand why, but after watching Precious, I can totally see why. She had to transform herself into a mother who physically and verbally abused her daughter. She hates her because her boyfriend would rape (Gross and wrong, I know) Precious instead of making love to her. In the end, we found out that her boyfriend started it when Precious was 3. EWWWW!

It’s nice to hear when I read an article that Mo’Nique and Gabourey would laugh in between takes and tried to break the scary tension between the mother and daughter characters.

I wish the teacher, Ms. Blue Rain by Paula Patton, had gotten some kind of nod.  Patton did a phenomenal job of being a teacher and expressing her concern for one of her students. I thought she was fabulous, but  I guess the Oscar nominated committee likes to nominate those actors who undergo a more dramatic change.

Also good to know:  Mariah Carey was the social worker Mr. Weiss, You probably didn’t notice because Lee Daniels tried to make her as natural and harsh looking as possible. Pretty much, no make-up and harsh lighting. Best line from Precious was when she asked Ms. Weiss, “What color are you? Are you Italian or really light skinned black?”  Also Nurse John was played by Lenny Kravitz. I kinda loved him.

In the movie, I loved when Precious would go into her dream world to escape everything. She would be an actress. She would be a singer. She would be a model. She would be anything she wanted to be. There was no mother to bring her down telling her she was dumb or stupid.  There were no issues on juggling school work and worrying about her two kids. She was just being herself. She was precious.

Side note: 19 movies to go!

Oscar Nominations:

1. Best Female Actor: Gabourey Sidibe

2. Best Supporting Female Actor: Mo’Nique

3. Best Director: Lee Daniels

4. Best Picture

5. Best Achievement in Editing:  Joe Klotz

6. Best Screenplay:  Geoffrey Fletcher


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