“To Don’t List”: Psych

*Spoilers: stop reading if you don’t wanna know what happened on last night’s episode*

It’s the fourth season of Psych, the psuedo-psychic detective show on USA where Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson) finally gets to have her very own episode. “A Very Juliet Episode” was directed by Steve Franks and written by Franks and Tim Meltreger.

Okay so O’Hara did have “Talk Derby to me” and “Scary Sherry” were she had big parts, but in this episode we got to see a little piece of her life before Santa Barbara.  Each of the other main characters besides Shawn (James Roday), have gotten their own episode focus in a way.

Lassiter (Timothy Omudson) had “Lassie did a bad, bad thing” and “High Noon-ish”. The Chief ( Kirsten Nelson) had “Rock-A-Bye Baby” and “Earth, Wind and…wait for it.” Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) had “Disco didn’t die, it was murdered!”. Gus had “There’s something about Mira” and “Gus’s Dad May Have Killed an old guy.” There are more, but I’m moving on. Maybe another time.

So normally we start off with a flashback of child shawn (Liam James) and his father, but this time, one of the few times that has happened in the series, we see someone else’s flashback. This time we see a flashback from Juliet’s past which helps set up the story line. I kinda liked this one. It was nice to see Juliet in her college girl days.

Normal time which is 7 years later at 4 o’clock, she is waiting for Scott Seaver and let me tell you when Maggie Lawson doesn’t have to wear suits, it’s such a nice relief. Just when she wore her hair down and the blue sweater in ” An Evening with Mr. Yang”, I personally loved her clothing options this time around including the red dress she wore and the black dress she wears later at the SBPD. Suits don’t do her justice.  Good job costume department!

So at the SBPD, it always nice to see Buzz McNab (Sage Brocklebank) and the Chief though I’m still getting used to her longer haircut. When did she start to grow it out? Other question is why is Gus at the station by himself? Is he picking up a paycheck or something? Probably. Moving on, not that important.

Shawn finding out where Scott (Josh Braaten) is plays a nice reference to the “Psy v. Psy” episode. I always enjoy it when the recall their own episodes and I know what they are talking about. I did not however like how the scene shifted to a shot in the F.B.I. Department. Couldn’t we have just found out that info when Agent. Wayne arrived at the SBPD and yelled at them?

80’s references are a big point in Psych, but I do enjoy it when I can get the references, being a kid from the 90’s. I especially enjoyed the Mentalist jab as always. I enjoyed the J.K. Rowling line (see favorite quotes below) and even the Conan one was pretty good. Shawn also brought up his favorite actor in discussion, Billy Zane. If it’s not Chad Michael Murray, it’s Billy Zane. Though it’s obvious that Zane is a fave while Murray is a foe.

You know what’s also enjoyable? Seeing Shawn back on his motorcycle. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Sure there are mentions of the Norton or a strategic placement of the bike, but I think this is the first time since the Spelling Bee Episode that he actually gets to ride it. Can we say that Roday has definitely improved in his motorcycle acting? I think so.

Right after the motorcycle chase, the fight was pretty epic. I’m not gonna go into detail, but I enjoyed it a lot. What can I say? I get an adrenaline rush when watching it. Also whenever there’s an action scene, I developed a fun game for me to try to figure out which is the stunt double and which is Roday. Obviously the editor did a very a good job or I’m just really bad at playing my own game. Kudos stunt team, editors, Roday and Franks. P.S. I enjoyed Shawn’s fight tactics of biting and slapping. Those are my top two fighting strategies also.

Side notes:

-Shawn using a bluetooth phone: nice adhering to the law!

-Really glad that Kelly Kulchak didn’t get rid of the fist bump. It was very epic in this episode.

-As they once said in the commentaries, why do Shawn and Gus have discussions that aren’t so quiet in the room with other people a.k.a Scott?

-Shawn and Juliet look at the end, aww!

Top Three Favorite Quotes of this Psych Episode:

  1. “Didn’t you read the trial transcript?” “Yeah Gus, it’s right on the top of my To Don’t List.”
  2. “J.T. Waring.” “Who’s that?”  “C’mon Gus you know, that’s the lady who wrote all the Harry Potters.” “That’s J. K. Rowling.”
  3. “I’m sure any of us would have done the same if we were his place.” “No, we wouldn’t. Remember when we saw that accident? You pretended to be blind.” “That was because our movie was gonna start in 8 minutes.”

Overall I liked the episode and all its throwbacks to previous Psych seasons!

Something to look forward to: Judd Nelson next week. Remember Psych at 10 P.M. on USA!


2 thoughts on ““To Don’t List”: Psych

  1. Psych has been pretty generous celebrity-appearance-wise this season 🙂
    I LOVED the fact that Shawn actually intoduced Gus as ‘Burton Guster’ “Man, you choose NOW to use my real name?!?!”
    This episode was great and this season DEF looks promising!! Psych gets better and better 😀

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