Oscar Goal

So here’s the deal. The Oscars are in 26 days. If you know that, then keep reading. If you don’t, keep reading. It’ll be an interesting experience.

Oscars are not some over rated award show, well at least not to me. This time I’m taking it very seriously and by serious I mean watching every movie that is nominated. Not just for best pictures, but even the ones nominated for sound editing and supporting male actor. Say what? Keep reading, here’s the list.

1. Julie and Julia

2. Avatar

3. The Blind Side

4. District Nine

5. An Education

6. The Hurt Locker

7. Inglorious Basterds

8. Precious

9. A Serious Man

10. Up

11. Up in the Air

12. Crazy Heart

13. Invictus

14. The Messenger

15. The Lovely Bones

16. The Last Station

17. Nine

18. Coraline

19. Fantastic Mr. Fox

20. The Princess and the Frog

21. The Secret of Kells

22. Imaginarium of  Dr. Parnassus

23. Sherlock Holmes

24. Young Victoria

25. White Ribbon

26. Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince

27. Bright Star

28. Coco Before Chanel

29. Star Trek

30. II Divo

Side notes:

– slashes mean I’ve seen it.

– I didn’t include the Foreign films because I think they will be too hard to get my hands on.

– Movies left to see: 12/30

– Movies that I see will be reviewed.

Good luck me!


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