House: A day in the life of Dr. Cuddy

While watching House, eating breakfast and watching the clock, I kinda felt like Dr. Cuddy on last night’s episode of House titled “9 to 5”. Unlike most House episodes which are  focused on Dr. Gregory House and one of his obscure cases, the viewer is brought into the world of Dr. Lisa Cuddy.  The viewer immediatley realizes the title of the episode is a lie. Dr. Cuddy gets up at 5 and doesn’t stop working until 6. Probably on a day when House does worst damage, she’s there a bit later.

Some viewers might have been annoyed that there wasn’t more House in it, but for me, it was a nice time to walk in the shoes of the  Doctor trying to manage a hospital and House at the same time.  Another interesting point of this episode was the nice connection with the harsh financial times that all the viewers are facing. Cuddy is faced with trying to make a deal with insurance company Atlanticnet to cover the hospital up to 12%. If she doesn’t, she’s pretty  much fired.   The viewer probably knows Fox won’t fire Lisa Edelestein because 1) there’s been no gossip circulating about it and 2) why fire House’s love interest? C’mon we all know that Lucas (Michael Weston) is somehow is going to get thrown off  the show either by Cuddy or House.

Even though we knew she wouldn’t get fired, it still made it an interesting episode. We kept on hoping that she would make a deal before 3 or that when 3 came around, she wouldn’t be fired.

In the end, it was nice to see Dr. Cuddy being the focus while House, Wilson, Lucas, and the rest of House’s team made their  entrances and exits.

Side notes:

– The shots of  the different clocks and of Cuddy checking her watch were really nice.

– I can’t help but like Lucas. 1) He’s an awesome P.I. 2) He’s not a bad boyfriend 3) He still hangs out with House and makes bets.

– Gail situation was pretty interesting. Loved how it was resolved.

– Where is my preview for next week?!?


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